foreshadowing individual to have an image of

foreshadowing is a way to enhance the absurdity of life and existence absurd nature of world and universe and absurd situations behaviours and ideas to help an individual to have an image of absurd to establish the linkbetween an individuals struggle to search for meaning and purpose in life and also to reveal an individuals motivation to live his life inthe face of the absurd.

meursault the protagonist also realises during the course of events that anyhow one life was as good as another and my present one suited my quite well camus 1989: 47 he affirms that he was happy with what he have in his life by stating that id been happy and that i was still happy camus 1989: 154 the stranger demonstrates the theme of existentialism but as albert camus is an absurdist writer the intended theme of the novel is the philosophy of absurd. camus also reach to the theme of absurdity at the end of the novel where meursault realises and accepts his death considering death is inevitable and is the eternal truth of any individual if not today tomorrow the individual has to face it. absurd is referred to the conflict between human seeking meaning and purpose in life and the inability of him to find any but as kierkegaard states it does not mean logically impossible rather humanly impossible.

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kierkegaard 19 the theme of absurd comes at the end of the novel where meursault is in the prison waiting for his execution for the crime he has committed and gets into a heated argument with the chaplain who tries to make him believe in god and also tries to convert him tochristianity where meursault explains i explained to him that i wasnt desperate. i was just afraid which was only natural. camus 1989:116 he rejects his offer saying that he has accepted the certainties and uncertainties of life and has accepted the eternal truth of life i.e.death. he explains that if i dont die today youll die tomorrow or the next day. camus 1989: 117 he by this time understood that an individual has to die if took birth in this world if not today then tomorrow but death will come is very certain.

 the protagonist of albert camus novel the stranger at many occasions show his existential beliefs and ideas which were seen strongly as the sharp contrast to his otherwise submissive nature and laid back attitude. meursaults absurd worldview is expressed in his argument with the prison chaplain when he offers to convert him to christianity. meursault demonstrates that nothing really matters as we all live a life we all will die one day and what all one does in between the span of life and death is not important. after his discussion with chaplain meursault uncoversabout himself and also a moment of realisation comes to him and i felt ready to live it all again too. as if that blind rage had washed me clean.

really-i felt that i had been happy and that i was happy again. camus 1989: 122-123 he didnt care much that he was going to be killed and chaplain will live another day because he realised his awakening to life and recovered from the absurdity of his life and understood the fate of every human being be it today or tomorrow the end result remains the same as it is inevitable. however thechaplain will remain there with his empty prayers the


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