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For this week, I will We will be reflecting on the experience of Jan Klein, RN, a nurse who acts as a clinical research coordinator at research clinic, and how her decisions may affect the health of the participants the study that coordinates and which affects their ethical and professional performance; At first, I met the life of Jen the nurse, who is a Single mother with a good life, who has worked for 2 years with Dr. Sowers, conducting all of her clinical studies. At the beginning she was asked by Dr. Sowers to Start the study without the creation of established study protocols. The clinical research study is the tool through which the scientific method is implemented to propose, solve and justify therapeutic hypotheses. According to the proposed objective and the known hypotheses, it was decided to design the study, its protocol, procedures manual, and establish the outcomes to be searched. Regarding the type of study; Its selection is based on the way of measuring outcomes, in the direction of time, among others (Parahoo, 2014).
In my position as Jan the nurse, I decided to talk with my supervisor about my concern to start the study without elaborating the corresponding protocol. If I had made the decision to shut up and just follow the doctor’s orders, many lives could be at risk. It is very important that each participant is informed of the objectives and risks of the study, without influencing the participants and are they who give their consent.
When carrying out the first phase of the study, it is very important to organize meetings with all the research team that takes part. By organizing periodic meetings help provide the team with all the information necessary for the recruitment of informants. Here the nurse must put into practice their innovative skills to motivate and involve the work team so that they collaborate. She is responsible for making them see the importance of research for health care and try to dissolve the important barrier between clinical practice and research, so that one day both can be integrated. At this point, the nurse performs an important function, since it is she who knows the subjects and their environment, and usually takes charge of capturing them (for example, talking with the people in charge of the different units to access them) and giving them to know the study (Parahoo, 2014).
In the simulation I chose to plan the meetings with Tony, no matter that he was an expert in his area. Since this will allow to maintain a balance between the needs of the research and the people involved in the study, because if this is adequate the study will be developed with greater flexibility in terms of the process and results.
When everything was established, and the study of Melanoma was in development, it was time to obtain the consent of the patient Ms. Casper for the participation of the study. The patient and her son asked the nurse to initiate the treatment as soon as possible, without the proper explanation of the study and only accepting all risk. At that time, I as the nurse Jen, decided that the best thing was to explain to the patient everything related to the study, its main objective, its possible risks and how it was going to be developed in its entirety.


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