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For this assignment, I decided to watch The Biggest Loser. I chose this show because it very specifically highlights things you can do to be healthy. One of the things it describes is eating healthy, which is the purpose of the assignment. The main idea of The Biggest Loser is that the person who loses the most weight is the victor. Contestants work for weeks developing healthy habits and losing weight. Slowly but surely, they start becoming eliminated until the last person left is deemed the “biggest loser.” This show was created to help people get rid of their unhealthy lifestyles and become happier.
The Biggest Loser was created by Ben Silverman, David Broome, and Mark Koops. All three of these men are television producers and screenwriters. They created this show to highlight the benefits of being healthy, as they are physically fit themselves. This show presents many unhealthy habits. Some of these things include eating too much food, having an unbalanced diet, eating extremely high calorie foods, and not exercising often. These things can lead to numerous health issues and diseases. Contestants come to the show to correct these unhealthy habits that made them so unhappy. After coming onto the show, the contestants learn to exercise and eat healthy regularly, making them physically fit and less likely to have health issues.
The show first aired in 2004, and the most recent season ended in 2016. The Biggest Loser is still a fairly recent show, so the themes that it presents still apply today. There are still plenty of people in the world that have let bad habits take over them, making them unhealthy. The Biggest Loser shows how these habits can be reversed. This shows viewers that you can always make changes in your life to become healthier. This concept is still true to date, because everyone has the opportunity to create a better life for themselves.
The Biggest Loser itself is about unhealthy people becoming healthier. If I could make a change to the show that would help the contestants, then I would increase the duration of the entire process. This is because then, the contestants’ bodies wouldn’t go into shock from instant change. Once these contestants leave the show, they have to make sure that they remain healthy. To do this, they try to use the skills that they were taught while on the show regularly. Being able to retain this information allows them to remain in a healthy lifestyle.
This show taught me about how unhappy you can become if you aren’t living healthy. I realized that it is extremely important to eat healthy and exercise, and that these things are easier to input in your life if you start young. Because I watched The Biggest Loser, I decided to learn from other people’s mistakes by avoiding an unhealthy life. I will make sure to input healthy habits, such as eating nutritiously and working out, in my own life. I will do this because I know that they will make me overall a happier person.


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