For the Pizza Hut organization

For the Pizza Hut organization, the objective for the business is to maintain the number one market position, to increase the percentage of pizza sales by increasing the number of franchisee delivery units with carryout facilities, increase annual sales revenue from $2.0 billion in 2009 by 15% ($300 million)to 2.3billion in 2010-2011, increase market share from 13.4% to 14.0%, their goal is to reach 85% recognition of the new product in their target market, as with all businesses and the most goal of a company is to increase revenue and profits. Every year, they need to keep that objective for achieved their purpose. While for their market targeting is Pizza hut targeted market defines them as a family product. This is because they do not really directly market their customers. They are target everyone where as their competitors target a certain gender or age. But pizza hut targets a wide range of customers. This is because they want to make the most money and who blames them. They have many competitors and they are bound to try everything to cope up tops. Their competitors are everywhere. There are just a few that are main competitors and pizza hut will always try to be the best and get the most money by making their products better quality but also cheaper. They try to offer something different with their product as well. They offer a range of stuffed crusts to try and attract customers. They also do vegetarian options with meet free pizzas and a salad and pasta bar. Not a lot of restaurants offer a salad and a pasta bar. This is another competitive idea to attract or customers.


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