For in the specific cultural context which

For my written task, I decided to write a blog that relates to the Part 1 Language & Literature course, which is about Language and Taboo.

Here, I will focus on the language used in the specific cultural context which can be addressed for a US people who had stayed in Dubai for years. This writing aims to provide readers the different perspectives on why taboo words may be considered appropriate or inappropriate; as well as to demonstrate how culture and context outline both language and meaning in the sentence. To attain the text type, I decided to include several blog features such as headline, images, URL, contact information, sidebar, elements and social media icons with addition of logo on the top left to create good first impressions of the blog and to capture the reader’s attention before going through the text. I chose to write in form of a blog because I want to use this chance to improve my writing skills and challenge myself. Besides, it also allows my content to have the involvement of vulgar languages that are intended for the good purpose of studying those words; and be delivered in a strong tone with deep personal ideas express in it.

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My target audiences are teenagers, as I believe it is the right moment for them to develop sense of awareness of using taboo words in everyday life, therefore, linguistic features such as slang, simple word, punctuation, exclamation mark, etc would be essential to transform the text to have casual style. Recently, I was inspired by how the cross-cultural people commented and reacted to the taboo words used in several speeches delivered by Mr. Donald Trump on YouTube. Consequently, I decide to come up with ‘You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs’ as my title.


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