For the Eastman School of Music, and Hochstein

For my history project, I am planning to do research on the history of classical music in Rochester, New York and how it affected the culture of New York greatly. I will mainly focus on the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, the Eastman School of Music, and Hochstein School of Music and the positive impact that they had on the culture of Western New York, especially with current orchestras and bands. I am planning on connecting these establishments to other orchestras in New York State, including the New York Philharmonic and the Nazareth College Symphony Orchestra, among others. The time frame of this project will focus on from the early 20th century up to today, including current events regarding the orchestras. I plan to use photographs and newspaper articles related to those topics as my primary sources for this project As for secondary sources, I am planning on using books about the RPO, Eastman, and the NYPO. Finally, the reason why I plan to research classical music in Rochester, NY is because I enjoy classical music and want to give other history majors a better perspective on how classical music shaped the culture of Western New York itself.


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