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For my Freshman Seminar class, we were pushed and encouraged to learn more about the future career in which we have chosen to peruse.

Correspondingly, we were requested to choose two other professions in which we believed we can use as a backup occupation. As of now I attend college to peruse my dreams of becoming a teacher. As instructed my other two occupation that I have selected additional to becoming an educator are a school counselor, and a social worker.To start of my paper, I would like to focus on my first choice my main career which is becoming a teacher. New York State requires that all state teachers have a bachelor’s degree, completed a New York teacher certification program, and pass the mandatory content examinations. Upon assembly the necessities intended for certification, the teacher candidate could be distributed with an primary certificate, which is effective for five years.

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This entry-level certificate leads to the professional certificate, which is an advanced level license that is continuously valid. To be an exceptional teacher I personally believe one should master these skills which consists of Patience , adaptability because Different kids learn in different customs, imagination as we know imagination generate new and stimulating ways for your students to learn, teamwork,risk Taking risk allows you to learn new methods to teaching so you can grasp every individual in you class., constant Learning, communication, Mentoring become a role model setting a upright example. As we should all be aware that salaries varies based on education and experience.

That also plays a role in the earnings of our educators. In the new york city educational department in the year of 2018-19, starting wages for educators will array from $56,711 with a bachelor’s degree, in addition no previous teaching experience. A master’s degree, and eight years education experience, plus supplementary coursework can receive up to $85,794 . New teachers with a master’s degree but no previous teaching experience will receive $63,751.

Teachers’ incomes intensify each year with more practice as well as education.


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