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For each one of these variables, the participants placed an “X” mark to indicate their level of response to that particular item (for example, to rate satisfaction or pain) on an uninterrupted 100-mm line, where placement at 0 indicated the worst possible outcome (for example, not satisfied or the worst pain) and placement at 100 indicated (for example, totally satisfied or no pain). A clear ruler was used to measure the distance from the zero point to the X mark which indicated the level of patient satisfaction. Any missing data in any of the variables was given a middle value of 50.
The second questionnaire was the Oral Health Impact Profile-49 (OHIP-49) which has been used in the published literature to assess the frequency of negative physical or social impacts related to the mouth. The OHIP questionnaire consists of 49 questions which assess 7 domains (functional limitation, pain, psychological discomfort, social disability, physical disability, psychological disability, and handicap). Three questions from the OHIP 49 questionnaire were not related to edentulous patients, therefore, they were omitted from the analysis and only 46 questions were analyzed.


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