For any organization it is crucial to have a properly formed vision

For any organization it is crucial to have a properly formed vision. A clear, realistic vision can be used to set the course of action for working towards that specific goal as well as motivating the staff and giving them a direction to work in. In a team within an organization, a shared vision is one that both the team leader and the other members want to accomplish.
Like with any team goal, it is necessary to ensure that all members of the team are aligned with the vision, deem the vision as realistic and accomplishable and understand that as individual employees they are all essential for the success of the team. If members feel that the vision may be too unrealistic or that they can’t contribute as much to the vision as their other peers, this will result in certain members being reluctant to work towards the vision in question, eventually affecting the productivity of the entire team. Therefore it is crucial to encourage all members of the team to contribute to forming a realistic vision so that everyone feels a personal sense of purpose towards it and acts as a more effective motivator. Considering the suggestions of all team members will help to further modify the vision so as to make it as realistic and profitable as possible.
Effective communication plays a key role in promoting a shared vision. Before starting to work towards a vision, the team leader has to make sure that each member fully understands the vision, the course of action and their individual and collective responsibilities. If all members have a clear idea of the goal they will be working towards, it creates an energized and positive work environment. It also becomes easier to assign work to individuals within the group.
To accomplish a shared vision, the most important factor is team work. If the vision is one that is demanding and entails a heavy work load, schedule enough time for the entire team to work on it together. This not only helps with team bonding but makes it easier to find creative ways to work towards the goal. Getting the entire team to work together is also a way to ensure that everyone remains focused on the goal, as team members can motivate each other.
Not only is it important for the team to maintain healthy relationships within itself, it is also vital to communicate with the other departments within an organization, as they can contribute in various ways as well, especially through sharing resources. Getting suggestions, help and resources from other departments can increase the productivity of the team as well as make it easier to achieve the goal in mind.


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