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For a very long time, As of today there are over 130 million registered websites out there on the internet to sort through all of it. Most of us rely completely on search engines to find what we want and these search engine have become so good that over 90% of the people using the internet rely on them to find things. Among all the better search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing, etc. Among them 83%of the people worldwide use Google. The concept used in a search engine applies exactly on all other search engines as well.

When we search something in a Google we get back a results page with more than 1000 answers to the search. This also shows that how many websites Google found that are probably relevant to what we search for. But it’s quite astonishing to find that over 94% of the people only click the results on the first page, and if people do not find what they are looking for, instead of looking for the subsequent pages many people typically prefer to just adjust the search terms and start from scratch. Of those people who do click on that first page, most only click on the first three results also known as the golden triangle. This is the particular reason why optimizing the search engine is so important.

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In plain words, web app optimization is a technical things that helps us in ranking well in web browsers which leads us to potential clients and maximum page views and traffics. Conclusion: SEO is super important because it helps you move to the top of relevant search results and since everyone relies heavily on search engines to find anything online, SEO is the most effective way to increase traffic to the sites specified.


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