“Food,Memory” when he arrived home from boarding school.

In Coming Home Again Chang-Rae Lee Speaks upon his memory and his relationship with his mother who is suffering with stomach cancer.Chang-Rae Lee would express his relationship with his mother through food “when i was six years old , i used to watch my mother as she prepared our favorite meals”. This showed his interest in his mother cooking in the kitchen he would ” enter the kitchen quietly and stand beside her ..chin lodging upon her hip”.In this essay time is described and shown as an important time in lee childhood something he will forever hold onto. The essay jumps from past to present because lee reflects on his past memories with his mother, from the time she cooking in the kitchen “she would take up a butchered short rib in her narrow hand ..withe the point of her knife cut so that the bone fell away”. To even times where she cooked for him when he arrived home from boarding school. It states”My mother prepared a certain meal to welcome me home .it was always the same”. The author uses past and present stories to show the passion and love and even regret in this essay . The mother regrets sending Lee away when they both needed each other the most this shows that time is so short. You have to use it to you advantage. Pushing others away will not benefit no one in the long run just cause regret. Lee shows us that he regrets going to boarding school because now it’s too late to spend time with his mother because now she is gone forever. Time is essential and lee expresses this throughout the essay.


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