Fix letter which your external drive is,

Fix Disk is not Formatting Error
An error known as Disk is not formatted often appears on your computer screen when you connect USB Flash Drive, External Hard Drive, and Memory card to your computer. This impression makes you confuse that your USB or memory card is corrupted or damaged and you have lost all your data. In this confusion, do not try to format your external drive or USB because this is due to an error on the drive.
If you have a problem on Drive F, the image below will be helpful to understand the fact.
Image 1

Following are the steps to resolve disk is not formatted error
Step 1
Attach your external USB or Memory card to your computer and find the drive letter which your external drive is, as “F” on my computer. For this purpose open my computer and ensure your Drive letter assigned to your external drive.
In Windows 7 or higher version type CMD in the search box and click on CMD in programs list or press enter to open Command Prompt.
Image 2

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Step 2
The command prompt will be shown below:
Image 3

Step 3
In command prompt type following command and press enter
chkdsk F:/r
Now your computer screen will be shown as under and follow the steps if needed in the following screen:
Image 4

Note: Remember, that I have a problem with Drive F, therefore, I typed F but you may type drive letter of your drive if other than F. For example if your external drive or USB is shown on G then you will have to type G instead of F.
Now you have done and your computer has started repairing damaged files on your external hard drive or USB flash drive. You can save lost chains into another location upon asking by your computer.


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