Fisheries country and consumed as food and

Fisheries play a vital role in the economy of acountry so it also increases the economic value of Pakistan. Almost 40000people obtain their occupation from fishery. Many of the others obtained theiremploy in export because fish is an exporatory product and is export from onecountry to another and increase economy of country.

Due to the presence ofArabian Sea, Pakistan is rich in fishery and contain almost all species offish. Most of the fish in Pakistan is present in the Arabian Sea. In Pakistanthe coastline of northern part of Arabian Sea is 815km, which have plenty offish products for development of fishery. We can earn in trade by fish andfishery products. Almost more than half of the fish is used in the country andconsumed as food and remaining is used in trade from one country to another.

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The economy of a country increases by the trading of products from one countryto another.There is a department in Pakistan which is usedto organize the guidelines, organization and the synchronization of people toincrease the products and quality of fishery is called fisheries developmentcommissioner. This department educates people about fish consumption toincrease the economy level of the fish. Also provide guidelines about catchingand handling of fish to increase the commercial value of fish.Now a day, fish is used to form correspondingproducts at a large plant to increase economy of fish. The fish is drawn undercutting, gutting, refrigeration, heating, salted and sun dried to preserve thefish for long period of time. The fish meat is used to make the food productsbut the wastes of fish are used to make other products which are important indaily use.

The thrones, bones and scales of fish are used to make resins orglues. The wastes of fish are used to make the fish oil which is very useful.The value-added products of fish are prepared to ensure the quality parametersof the product increase the commercial value of fish and used to decrease thelevel of diseases. The value added products are prepared for reduction ofparticular disease. The meal of fish is used to make fish powder which is theannoying source of many amines, vitamins and also comprises high protein level.The fish powder can be of fish meal or fish bones.

The fish powder is rich innutritive values, so it is used as feed of many animals like poultry and ducksetc. the fish also use the fish powder as their feed. The fish powder is mealof fish which is in dry form. This powder is obtained by boiling fish thendries it in hot air oven or by using other processes of drying. After dryingthe fish, it is grinded in the grinder with or without bones. one thing wouldkept in mind that the fish powder would be moisture free, the moisture in fishpowder would not more than 10% and salt would be 7%.

Mint has many benefits for humans. It is used indigestion, loss of weight, nausea prevention, release depression, decreasefatigue and headache. Asthma, memory loss and skin problems can treat too.

Themint provide ease in the digestion and useful to solve the stomach problems. Itfacilitates the digestion and decrease the acidity. It is also used to relieffrom sore throat. Also provide ease in indigestion. It provides relief fromheart burning. It is a green vegetable and increases the shelf life of productand decrease the acidity of food.

The mint is also used to reduce therespiratory problems i.e. asthma.

Now a days, mint is introduced against thecancer. The cancer pateints can get ride of tumors by using the mint in theirdeit. It contains large amount of energy that provides relief from fatigue byfunctioning the brain. Also help to cure the itching and acne of skin. The mintis used as an anti-pruritic against the bites of insects. It also improves thesterility of humans.

On the other hand, the fish powder is rich in thequantity of protein and crude fat. When the mint oil is added with the fishpowder it form a product which is rich in protein and helps to cure the stomachdiseases. Now, the fish powder and mint collectively produce blood cells and isalso helpful for stomach patients. The fat contents in fish powder can bechecked by feeding fish on that powder and check the growth of fish. Due to theincrease level of fat in fish which is feed on fish powder, fish would becomeweaken but it shows that 60% growth occur in fish in 32 days.

The fish die in 4weeks of treatment. The ratio of crude fat and protein has a large difference betweenthe values. So we cannot count ratio between crude protein and crude fat.

From the dry content of the product, we should findthe crude protein content and ash content in the fish product. Digestibility ofcrude protein in the fish powder 


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