Firstly, study is all Omani female entrepreneurs. So

Firstly, the researcher collects the data via websites and from previous studies related to the topic of the research. After that, the researcher started to choose the sample of the research which they are Omani female entrepreneurs. Then he collected their contact information. So he can easily communicate them. He sends an emails, Whatsapp messages and text messages to get their permission to answer a questionnaire. Then they agree in receiving an online questionnaire either via emails or Whatsapp. At the end, the research will easily can send a link of researcher questionnaire to Omani female entrepreneurs. However, the benefit through sending an online questionnaire is faster, cheaper, quick to analyze and it save the researcher time.
3.3 Population and sample
The population of the study is all Omani female entrepreneurs. So the researcher is collected, gathered and analyze the information from the questionnaire in order to full the gab of the research. The researcher chose particular Omani females who are entrepreneurs.. That’s why the researcher target 50 respondents.
The reason behind the selection of Omani female entrepreneurs because they are more experience as they are an entrepreneurs and they are appropriate source for the study paper.
3.4 Sampling Technique and Sampling Size
In this research the researcher selected the sample of the study by using simple random sampling. Which the simple random sampling means a sample that is chosen has been chosen randomly (Stephanie, 2017). The researcher chose to select the sample randomly for many reasons. It is saves the researcher time, and because as a student researcher is with less experience so it better to use simple random sampling. According to this method questionnaire is distributed to Omani female entrepreneurs. First, the researcher contacts with each entrepreneurs through Whatsapp messages. Then the questionnaire will be distributed via emails and Whatsapp messages after taking permission from the entrepreneurs.. So the Omani female entrepreneurs will answer it easily.

3.5 Instrumentation and Data Collection
In this research the researcher uses both primary and secondary sources. Using the both is useful and can help the researcher to learn about was written in the previous studies which done by people with high experience.
Primary source
Primary source are written evidence or created during the period under study (Furay and Salevouris, pg.144). The Primary data in this research will be collected by questionnaire distributed to Omani female entrepreneurs. The questionnaire is a list of questions that several people are asked so that information can be collected about something. Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus, (1995), the benefit of using questionnaire that it is cost-efficient, practical, speedy result, and it also covers the whole aspects of the study. The primary research usually leads the researcher to new information on the topic of the research, ( surveyanyplace, 2018).
The way of creating a questionnaire is considered as a primary research tool. The researcher make a structured questionnaire consist questions including closed-ended question and open-ended question and ranking question. Ranking question is research respondents to compare a list of sentences to one another in order to its importance. Open-ended question means the questions are require more than one word answers.
Secondary source
Secondary sources according to Solberg, (2000), are a source that has information collected by someone else. The Secondary data are many written documents that are related to the study topic.
In this research the secondary data are collected from collected from e-books, website, and Google scholar to find previous studies according to the topic of the research.

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3.6 Data Analysis
The researcher will depend on SPSS program. SPSS program according to techopedia website it is a software program for individuals. It helps researchers that use this program to complete a certain task related to analysis a questionnaire. This program is widely used in many places around the world due to its potential to increase the productivity of the individuals to make statistical analysis. The researcher use descriptive approach in this study which implement quantitative method in collecting to analyzing data. Descriptive data analysis means descriptive statistics are used to describe the basic features of the data in a research (William, 2006). Researcher uses this method descriptive data analysis because it is doesn’t need money, save time, and as a student’s research and in a short time it will be good choice. The quantities data analysis according to Jiafeng Li, (2013), qualitative data analysis includes frequency distribution and descriptive statistics. Descriptive statistics includes mean, standard error, median, standard division, minimum maximum, and sum. The benefit of using qualitative data analysis is that is more widely of the subjects, promoting the final result, accuracy of the end result, it has few variables and more cases, Kruger (2003), said that quantitative analysis allow the research to summarize large number of sources of the data and facilitate comparisons across the data. Therefore, the researcher in this study is using SPSS program which is able to provide the study with the aforementioned statistical information.
3.8 Reliability and validity
My research is supervised by a lecturer in Nizwa College of Applied Sciences. To make sure the researcher follows the right procedures and order while doing the study. Furthermore, the researcher gathered the data from Omani female entrepreneurs who have the real experiences of running small & medium business. First, the respondent’s answers are accurate. So the pervious mentioned reason will increase the reliability of this study.. Second, the Omani female entrepreneurs have an experience in what factors that influence their selection of the product. Third, their view in that part is better than other people view because of their experience.
3.8 Ethical Consideration
The researcher get ethical approved from Nizwa College of Applied Sciences to do this research. Moreover, this research is not harming anybody. It is for educational purpose. The research has no private information shown in the questionnaire and everything is coded. The protection of the participant respond private is ensured. Although, in any case if the researcher need to cover or mention any personal information of the responds there is a permission is asked from the avoid any harm to our participant.


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