FIRST procedure. In the choosing data organize,

FIRST SEMESTER 2018/2019 SESSION A181HUMAN COMMUNICATION SCCA 2023 GROUP FTITLE:THE IMPACT OF MISPERCEPTION IN HUMAN COMMUNICATION ON INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPPREPARED FOR: DR ABBAS RAMDANIPREPARED BY:MUHAMMAD FAIZUL BIN AMBOTANG253375DATE OF SUBMISSION:4th OCTOBER 2018?1.0 INTRODUCTION As we run our life, we tend to utilize perception. Perception is where we are managing the data in our surroundings through the way toward choosing, sorting out and translating data. The perception procedure likewise incorporate the perceptual channels, structure and examples and experience that we had experienced. The initial phase in building the perception in by choosing data. As indicated by the Susan T. Fiske and Shelley E.

Taylor, Social Perception, second ed. (New York, NY: McGraw Slope, 1991), it said that data comes in through the perception procedure. In the choosing data organize, we will concentrate on certain data that we need to. For instance, when we see a man is grinning, we have a tendency to accept he or she is glad. Then come the second process of perception which is organizing information. In this stage, we will arrange information that we receive and categorize the information. According to Stanley Coren, “Principles of Perceptual Organization and Spatial Distortion: The Gestalt Illusions,” Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 6, no. 3 (1980): 404–12, three ways we sort things into patterns are by using proximity, similarity and difference.

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We take similarity to give an example. If we see a couple holding their hands together, we tend to assume that they are in relationship as it is similar to our experience in relationship. Then, the last process of perception is interpreting information. It where we interpret information into rational perception. This process involves conscious thought, experience and fairness. Things that we learnt from others can also be used in interpreting information such as knowledge from our education and story that being told by other people. After that, we will have our perception after done those 3 processes. Other than that, interpersonal communication additionally should be clarified.

Interpersonal communication is where we trade data between at least two individuals or likewise being called as two different ways communication. Fundamentally, everybody will participate in this communication as we have to talk face to with others and getting a reaction from them. The reasons why I clarified the meaning of recognition and interpersonal communication is on account of this article will be about the effect of misperception in human communication on interpersonal relationship.2.0 THE IMPACT OF MISPERCEPTION IN HUMAN COMMUNICATION ON INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP The first impact that we are going to have is where the communication can lead us to a misunderstanding. One of the aspects that we are going to use in communication is language. Language is being used in interpersonal relationship as they need to communicate to exchange information using two ways communication. Interpersonal relationship usually involves a couple, siblings, business association and other type of social commitment.

In communicating, we cannot expect that the receiver is going to understand fully of our information. We also cannot expect that information that being given is easy to understand. By language, we have to make it simple for them to understand. Even we have a perception that the receiver is the same race and using the same language, we have to deliver the information well. Otherwise, it can lead us to misunderstanding where brings the two parties into a conflict and a fight. It is hard to have a good interpersonal relationship if we have a misperception towards others.

The worst part of it, the relationship that they built will become ashes on the ground if the misperception keep going on. The second impact that we are going to experience if we have a misperception, we will have a hard time in building a harmonious relationship and trust between each other. In building perception towards others, physiology also influence the perception.

We will be using the five senses in making the perception such as see, listen, taste, touch and smell. We will using this senses in interpreting information from the others. If we are being sick and warded in the hospital, we tend to see things in irrational ways.

For example, if a person comes and visit us while warded, we will feel sad if they want to go back home even we know it is not the last time we seeing them. We may think that we are not important enough to make them stay a little longer beside us. This will make us having difficulties in making a harmonious relationship and trust with other even for business association or family members.

It is because we already have the misperception towards others. On other hand, impact is the country will have hard situation in moving forward to be a world class country. This point we take in context of business.

As we are reaching the year of 2020 to become the world class country, we will build a collaboration with other company in making business either it is in or out of our country. The collaboration will turn into a fail as our misperception drive the relationship into a conflict. As we can see, the government is partnering with other country in making a good business. For example, the Prime Minister made a deal with china to bring their expertise to Malaysia to work with Proton.

It is also to increase the development of making good engine and produce good quality of cars under Proton. If the Prime Minister of Malaysia or Prime Minister of China had a misperception towards their partners, the deal and collaboration between the two countries will not be happened. Otherwise, the government intention to make the country a better place will come to a dead end. Last but not least, misperception on costumer services disturbed.

A tired or eager client benefit agent can make the feeling that clients are a disturbance. Once a client builds up this perception, no measure of critical thinking will change the client’s view. Endeavors to fulfill the client will look like hesitant endeavors. You should prepare client benefit representatives to exhibit a lovely, willing and inviting state of mind. In customer service, one should be wise in controlling their emotions when connecting with customers.

this is because the customer needs good satisfaction and good service from the customer service agent. if not the customer will feel bad about the customer service workers. In addition, the problem of communicating well is also disturbed and it will cause online disputes between agents and customers.3.

0 CONCLUSION As a conclusion, the impact of misperception in human communication on interpersonal relationship can bring disaster or problems to any parties that are involved. As a person, we must build a rational perception to avoid any situation that will lead us into a conflict. Misperception also has an adverse effect on the individual’s self due to fear or does not want to communicate with people who have an unhealthy appearance from the outside while having a good nature from the inside. These misconceptions should also be ideally contained so that we can communicate harmoniously to everyone despite the differences in language and culture REFERENCESArita, T. (2002). A Constructive Approach to the Origin/Evolution of Life, Society and Language.

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