First they all had a nice connection between

First of all, Before talking about the movie, I need to indicate that ”My left foot” which is written by Christy Brown and directed by Jim Sheridan is one of the best bioghraphical adaptation movie I have ever seen in history of the cinema. The story of the movie adapted from a true story based on the story of Christy Brown. Apparently, he was able to achieve to write his own story with with the toes of one foot, I mean he accomplished his task despite the fact that he was a cripple. This incredible and commendable story was turned into a screenplay. By the way, our hero, Christy Brown is a good poet, writer and painter, and this movie narrates the life of Christy Brown man who was able to make something of himself and prove that every life is of value although he was almost a completely disabled person.
In short, this is a great movie for many reasons anyway, but the most important is that this movie tries to give us complete picture of this man’s life. It should be noted that in the movie there is some nice supporting casts and touching scenes. These were really magnificent as well for me. Christy’s parents and brothers, they all had a nice connection between each others and this situation was performed ,and displayed a family how it should be. It was touching to see when they supported each other and Christy in terms of learning and painting in spite of the fact that he was contrary and moody person.


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