Findings: JBL introduces the advanced technology of e-banking

During this internship program, different sectors’ works and different policy of customer service have been observed. Based on these observations the following findings are figured out about the overall general banking activities of Janata Bank Limited (JBL).

? JBL, as a state own commercial bank, follows all the regulations set up by Bangladesh Bank in performing banking activities;
? JBL banking policy complies with the Bangladesh Bank guidelines in this regard;
? The traditional banking system of JBL has gradually taken under real time banking network;
? JBL reduces the lengthy process of cheque issuance, pay order and bank draft;
? The account opening form contains some unnecessary information which kill customer valuable time;
? Customers are provided 24/7 hour service through its online banking system;
? JBL makes remarkable contribution in the development of educational institutions and NGO sector through its CSR program;
? JBL introduces the advanced technology of e-banking system in all branches by launching online banking services;
? JBL faces a shortage of skilled and well-trained employees in IT sector;
? New software installation and its usages also create some problems for JBL;
? JBL official website need to be updated with recent information about its banking services;
? Cyber security of JBL server system need mere attention to make the best security concern.

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In the light of the findings of the report, the following factors are recommended for further research:
? The account opening form should be reformed with the quality information to point out only the necessary information about the clients;
? The complexity regarding introducer in opening a new account should be minimized;
? The employees should be provided more training program to be skilled in specific sector;
? Bank should developed the IT sector to provide online banking system in a better way;
? More specialized IT persons should be recruited to enhance the IT department;
? More workshop and development program should be arranged to improve efficiency of the employees;
? Effective communication among the branches and the central server system should be ensured;
? Bank should be more careful about the cyber security system to prevent online fraud.

In the economy of Bangladesh, the contribution of banking sector is remarkable and praise able. Each fiscal year the government collect a huge amount of money in terms of revenue from banking sector. Thus, banking sector play a vital role in developing the growth of gross domestic income of the economy. Janata Bank Limited (JBL) is one of the leading state owned commercial bank, also contributes to this improvement of the economy. It has introduced a new arena in the field of innovative and creative banking sector by introducing the online banking system. It ensures quality online services to the customer through its own server system directly connecting with the central server system of Bangladesh Bank. It has made a tremendous changes in the banking sector of Bangladesh. In the general banking sides, JBL is doing very well but the online banking system need more attention. If JBL will become more proactive and responsive to the new advancement of information technology, there are possibilities to lead the whole banking sector in this aspect. JBL has a very potential profile in this field. The three month journey with JBL is remember able and it will help in many ways in building the career in banking sector. Wish a very healthy and successful business profile of Janata Bank Limited (JBL).


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