Final analyze the most serious problems which affect

Final Team Paper- What is The Most Serious Problem In Taiwan’s Democracy? In ancient times, Taiwan was a conservative society. Until now, people can gain a variety of social information easily no matter from the Internet or the social media. Through some important social movements, the social awareness is gradually focusing on the citizens and their own rights. In order to fight for the democratic liberty, sometimes there were some cruel historical events happened, such as February 28th Event and Kaohsiung Incident. However, Taiwan’s modern society approaches the liberalization and diversification of Western civilization.

The social movement has expanded from the original political demands to other social issues and economic problems. In here, we will explain and analyze the most serious problems which affect Taiwan’s democracy through six major characteristics- campaign, policy, political parties, voting, education, social media.When talking about campaign, there is an example to show the campaign that can present Taiwan’s democracy problem. In 2014, there is a student campaign to fight for their appeal. The student campaign called “the Sun Flower campaign”. In the beginning, there are many university students stand out to support this campaign.

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After the media and news reported it extensively, more and more people start to participate this campaign without knowing the campaign’s meaning and goal. Here comes out a question which is worth of thinking, at the moment of participating in the campaign, are all people involved in this campaign understanding the meaning of the campaign or they just join it after reading the news and listening to others’ talk. Although people participate in this campaign to express their opinions; however, they do not fully understand the objective of the scholarship. In this event, it shows that many people simply follow blindly. From this we know that if people would like to participate in democracy, they should understand the true meaning of democracy first.Recently, we can see some controversial policies, which are debated by the people.

In fact, most of the people did not truly understand the policy. They learned the information from newspapers or social media. Therefore, they just know about some part of the policy.

For instance, in 2014, there is a big argument about “Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement”. During that time, we saw all the news talking about how bad was this policy. If Taiwan signed this agreement, it would damage our economic.

Due to this kind of information, everyone started to oppose this policy. What’s more, people joined the rally to against this policy. However, the truth was that most of the people do not know about this policy. As a result, we should take a serious look on the issue and the government should explain to people about why we have to set up this new policy.About political parties, Taiwan has undergone three rotation of political parties since 2000, and the third rotation of political parties has turned into political struggle. The fierce fighting by political parties has caused each party not to rely mainly on serving all the people in Taiwan, but for their own benefit. Besides, the parties will use the people’s psychology to discredit other parties and the party in power do not fully implement the policy they advocated at the election.

The main goal of them is just to let people continue to choose them with doing the unimportant thing, for example: repair the road, cover the park and so on. It is also for these reason that Taiwan’s economic is retreated from the Four Asian Tigers. The more serious results causes by the fighting of the political parties are the torn of the society, the vacancy of the government and also the lack of progress in economic development.

However, most of our people will only believe blindly in the parties they support. They support the party with no reason ,which also is a serious problem of Taiwan’s democracy. When it comes to vote, Taiwan is one of the seventy-six countries in the world that people need to wait until 20-year-old to have the right to vote. In here, we are going to examine whether the rights and obligations of young people in Taiwan is equal.

Young people in Taiwan have full criminal responsibility at the age of 18. Men must be in military service and must pay taxes after they turn 16. However, in the Civil Law, not until 20-year-old, the young is considered as an adult. Furthermore, because of Constitution, they do not have the right to vote until 20.

The absence of voting rights not only means “we can’t vote for the first two years after our adult life,” but also it deprives their aspiration for a future. Seeing the polls by Taiwan’s  media, we found that the younger generation wish to lower the voting age to carry out their right; in the meanwhile, more than half of the people think that young people are not yet mentally mature and not entitled to this power. Besides, since the 1990s, many countries began to face the problem of population aging. To prevent the future of the next generation from being decided by the previous generation, all countries begin to amplify the voice of young people by lowering the voting age. However, in Taiwan, we still do not change the voting age. In here, we cannot forget to talk about education in Taiwan. Recent studies on globalisation and the literature of democratisation of society and education cannot explain the complicated interplay between democratisation, localisation and the pursuit of ‘national’ identity in both education and the broader society of Taiwan between the late 1980s and 2000. The paper argues that these three processes are indivisible in Taiwan.

They involve not only the reallocation of power between the state, society and education, but also the redefinition of the territorial and social components of Taiwanese ‘national’ identity in relation to the Chinese mainland. In particular, social pressure groups, teachers and parents are empowered in policymaking processes at various levels, whilst the power of school principals and education officials to respond to these pressure groups is limited. The role of the school curriculum is now reversed from suppressing to promoting ethnic cultures and identities as points of a new collective identity: ‘Taiwan people’ with Taiwan as their ultimate homeland.Our education is limited to focus the things which happened in Taiwan rather than to connect with global. Most of the time we are satisfied with the existing state of affairs.

In so doing, it raises a fundamental question about Taiwan wants to imitate the Western education system in the past decade. However, the government did not pay attention on what we really need and improve in Taiwan’s education. Things we should do now is to rebuild the structure of Taiwan’s education to find a real system which fit into our people.

 Last part is about social media. In recent year, people get news from any social media easily. No matter is about government or political party, whenever we want to see something about Taiwan’s political, all we need to do is open an app or turn on the television. However, social media in nowadays is not as reliable as before. Take news channels for example, some of the channels is tend to DPP.

On the other hand, there are also some channels tend to KMT. Therefore, it is hard to find the channel that is on the balance. At the same time, people got quite same problem. They get their own taste on different political party. Hence, they easily have prejudice when they are watching different news platform. Social media used to be a great communicate platform with people. Instead, it makes people get more and more opposition. This is an obvious problem in Taiwan’s social media nowadays.

Social media shouldn’t split people’s viewpoint, it has to be a fair and open medium for Taiwanese to reference. People also need a pair of bright eyes to insight problem about Taiwan’s politics.Based on the above discussion, the most serious problem in Taiwan’s democracy is not about the campaign, the political parties, the policies, education, and social media. The most serious problem is that most of  people in Taiwan do not judge things by themselves.

Most of them just follow others opinion and do not try to understand the reason or the background of the incident. Only when people start to think independently, we will have more voice that comes from different orientations which is because each person experience different thing in their life. Also only when people start to think independently, there will be some new different action being did by people and  the democracy might have a chance to progress.


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