Final 9 Theory Second Intermediate 9

Final Report COOP Trainingby Rashed Malli Alhazmi 11219011Computer Science/ Yanbu University College Ministry ofEducation/ IntermediateObadah bin Alsamet From 25/10/2017to 28/12/2017 Dr.

Abdulkareem AlalwaniDECLARATION      Ideclare that this report is based on my own work during the training program atthe ministry of education, and all the knowledge and information mentionedhere are acquired through practice or observation. Otherwise  it’s paraphrased and referenced to the source.       Rashed Malli AlhazmiID : 11219011   ACKNOWLEDGEMENT     First of all, I thankAllah for his giddiness and blessing.

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Also, I thank all the people whosupported me during my COOP training. Also, I would like to sincere thanksto  Dr.Abdulkareem Alalwani and Mr.YasserBosati for supporting and guiding me during my COOP training.ABSTRACT          This report shows the process and progressduring my 14 weeks from 25 October to 28 December at Intermediate Obadah bin AlsametSchool.

During this training, I trained in two areas: first area, ComputerTeaching  . Second area, maintenance ofthe computer.  This report is containing4 chapters. The first chapter has an introduction about the COOP. The secondchapter about the ministry of education. The third chapter about the tasks andjobs I assigned to me during my COOP training. The last chapter is conclusion.TABLE OF CONTENTS  Content Page Declaration 2 Acknowledgement 3 Abstract 4 Chapter 1: Introduction 6 Chapter 2: Employer’s Background 7 2.

1. Ministry Education Introduction 7 2.2. Objectives 8 Chapter 3: Training Detail Projects/Tasks/Assignments 9 3.1 Computer Teaching 9 3.

1.1.1 Theory Second Intermediate                                                     9 3.1.1.

2 Labs Second Intermediate                                                      10 Theory Third  Intermediate 11 3.


  Labs Third  Intermediate                                                      12 3.2. maintenance of the computer                                          13 Chapter 4: Conclusion and Recommendations 14 References 15                                                                                          Chapter1: Introduction      Cooperativetraining Program is a course with four credit hours provide by the college thatmakes the knowledge of education from classrooms into practical work.Cooperative training is important to gain work experience and apply hisknowledge in field. The main aim of doing cooperative training is to improveand develop the skills and abilities. In addition, solving problems that facethe trainer. So in the future he can handle these problems.Chapter 2: Employer’s Background 2.

1.Ministry Education Introduction     The establishment of theDirectorate of Knowledge in 1925 marked the launch of the first EducationalSystem in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).     A decision was made in1927 to establish the first Council for Knowledge with an aim to develop anEducational System that would monitor education in the Hijaz Region. The powersof the Directorate of Knowledge expanded upon the establishment of the Kingdomof Saudi Arabia. Its function was no more restricted to the monitoring ofeducation in the Hijaz Region. It; however, monitored the different educationalaffairs in the entire KSA. The Directorate started with four schools, and thenumber of schools then increased to 323.     In 1951, the Ministry ofKnowledge, was established in the of  KingSaud Bin AbdulAziz Al-Saud.

It was the expanded, and developed form of theDirectorate of Knowledge. Its functions were to Plan, and Monitor Boys’Government Education in Primary, Preparatory, and Secondary schools. King FahdBin AbdulAziz Al-Saud was the first Minister of Knowledge.      The General Presidencyfor Girls’ Education, was established in 1960 in the   of  King Faisal Bin AbdulAziz Al-Saud, ThePresidency was responsible for 15 primary schools and one female teachers’intermediate institute. It was chaired by Sheikh AbdulAziz Nasser Al-Rashid. AsEducation evolved, a Royal decree was issued in 2002 to annex the GeneralPresidency for Girls’ Education, under the Ministry of Knowledge.

Dr. KhedrAl-Qurashi was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Knowledge for Girls’Education. A year later, the Ministry of Knowledge, was renamed the Ministry ofEducation. ?     In 2015, The Ministriesof Higher Education and Education were merged into one entity, the Ministry ofEducation. His Excellency Dr. Azzam Mohammed Al-Dakhil was appointed as theMinister of Education.

2.2. Objectives·        ??BuildingStudents’ Islamic, National, and Intellectual Personality in terms ofKnowledge, Skills, and Values. ·        ProvidingAdmiss?ion Opportunities to Students so they can join Education. ·        Developingthe Criteria needed for the Selection, and Qualification of Teachers as well asdeveloping Teachers’ Competencies,? and Motivating them. ·        PromotingQuality, and Upgrading the Qualitative Level of Education. ·        Expandingthe Construction, and Maintenance of Educational Buildings, and Facilities. ·        Producing,Disseminating, and Employing Scientific Research,? and Knowledge, and expandingHigher Postgraduate Programs.

·        ExpandingPrivate Education with a view to achieve the Development Objectives. ·        Upgradingthe level of Education Outputs, in compliance with the requirements ofDevelopment, as well as with the needs of the Society. ·        Developingthe Regulatory Environment, and Activating Governance. ·        GrantingOverseas Scholarships to talented students with a view to meet the needs ofDevelopment, and to Exchange Knowledge.

·        Optimallyemploying the Information, and Telecommunication. ·        Diversifyingthe Education Funding Resources, and Investing in Education. ·        EnhancingLocal, and International Partnerships.   Chapter 3:Training Detail Projects/Tasks/Assignments      This chapter is aboutthe tasks, assignments and works that have been given during the COOP trainingfor 14 weeks. The tasks are divided into two main tasks:·        Computer  Teaching  are divided into two tasks:Teaching Second Intermediate and Third  Intermediate·        Maintenanceof the computer 3.1 Computer  Teaching3.1.1.

1 Theory Second Intermediatemodule I : Learning Objectives·        Theconcept of computer network·        Typesof computer networks·        Typesconnect to computer network·        Whatis the Internet?·        Advantagesof networks and the Internet·        Thedamages of using the Internet·        Importanceof information security in contemporary life·        Typesthe information attacks·        Methodsof information securitymodule II : Learning Objectives·        Theconcept of presentation programs·        Fieldsuse of presentations·        Advantagesof presentations ·        Themost famous programs for preparing presentationsmodule III : Learning Objectives·        Definitionof the concept of knowledge society·        Themost important features of the knowledge society·        Definitionof the concept of the intelligent world·        Importanceof the transition to a knowledge society in the contemporary world·        Theeconomic effects of knowledge·        Importantproducts of the intelligent knowledge society3.1.1.

2 Labs Second IntermediateLab I·        Watchingdevices in the local network·        Sharedfolders and printers·        Howto identify the IP address of the deviceLab II·        Stagesof creating a presentation·        Createa new presentation·        Addtext in slide view·        Savethe new presentation·        Closingthe presentationLab III·        Inserta new slide into your presentation·        Repeatthe slide·        Movethe slide to another place in the display·        Deletethe slide from the slideshow·        Changethe slide designLab III·        Inserta picture to the slide from a file·        Insertaudio / video clip into the slideLab V·        Addeffects to the animation content of the slice·        Controlof motor effect·        Motoreffects·        Addsound to the movementLab VI·        Addslide movement·        Controlthe movement of the slide ·        Printerthe slides

Theory Third Intermediatemodule I : Learning Objectives·        Theimportance of programming·        Levelsof programming languages·        Prevailingprogramming languages·        Definitionof Scratch language·        Programmingrulesmodule II : Learning Objectives·        Theconcept of electronic information sources·        Sourcesof information in the Internet·        Somesources of information in the Internet are developed in Arabic·        Theelectronic library and the traditional library·        Searchengines in the Internet·        Evaluatesources of information on the Internetmodule III : Learning Objectives·        Educationaldevices·        Educationalprograms·        Type’seducational programs·        OpenLearning

 Labs Third  IntermediateLab I·        BlockleyMaze·        Sequencerule·        Repetitionrule·        SelectionruleLab II·        Runthe Scratch program·        Dealingwith objects·        Createa welcome project·        Savethe project Lab III·        Movethe object programmatically·        Locatethe object when executed·        Determinethe direction and rotation of the object when executed·        ProjectLab IV·        Controlobject interface·        Changethe background·        Dealingwith sounds·        ProjectLab V·        Drawingusing the mouse·        DrawingGeometric shapesLab VI·        Variablesand inputs from the user·        Operationsand variables·        Shareprojects with others 3.2. Maintenance of the Computer     I was given a number of PCsand try to troubleshooting it and see if the problem can be fixed or not. Formatting and Installing Softwares     Always after formattingwe need to install the necessary programs because formatting the PC will deleteall the installed programs on the PC.   Beforeformatting, we need to know which of the drive have the OS in it if the harddisk is divided into C drive and D drive.

Then we need a CD or flash driverthat contains the operating 7 and follow these steps:·        Insertthe CD or the flash drive and restart the computer.·        Pressthe F10 or F2 and follow the instruction that appears.·        Chosethe CD or the flash that you insert.

·        Ascreen will appears and chose the language that you want and click next.·        Clickon “Install now”.·        Checkthe box to accept the license terms.·        Chosecustom installation.·        Chosethe disk with type system and wait until the installation finish.·        Followthe instruction until the end. Chapter 4: Conclusion and Recommendations     In conclusion, COOPtraining gets me a great chance to see how the real works during these 14weeks.

I was able to solve the tasks that given to me. Also, I get experiencein real life things like grade management, planning, implementation,evaluation, define the teaching strategy, selection of teaching means,formulation of behavioral objectives, create expectations for students learnthe content of lesson and focus students attention on the topic of the newlesson .  I would recommend any trainerwho would like getting any experience to come in ministry of education.During COOP training, we gained knowledge and experiences in  ministry of education. We learned how to workin different situations and how to act properly without falling in mistakes.References ·        Effectiveteaching skills.

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