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       File sharing is illegal especially dealing with downloading other people music , debates have been more focused on the discussion on whether individuals have rights to access the information and all things revolving around music and movies that should be fined. people who also attempted to eliminate illegal digital file sharing also goes through is having them pay nominal monthly fees to get to what they are trying to download. In the novel cybercrime investigating high-technology computer crime it states, ” In 2008 , the RIAA indicates that they would cease using civil lawsuits and instead focus on forming partnerships with ISPs whereby users who continue illegal file sharing would lose access to their Internet services.” The meaning behind this is that individuals who continuously do illegal file sharing will be removed from the internet from doing any type of downloading or surfing the web of any kind. It also indicates that 9 years ago they tried to partner up with other organizations to stop all of the illegal ongoing through the internet. Usually you would have to pay for files to be downloaded, for examples movies , shows ,music and etc. to your computer or phone because of the fact some people would get to lazy to purchase movie tickets to the movie theater to watch a film or buy music from off of iTunes to listen to their favorite song by a known artist, but what they don’t know is that producers goes through so much to get their product to air , and instead their are people that have backways through things like that for example hackers , they find their way through every little thing. For them to face problems with the judges and face lawsuits knowing that the producers made it clear to people that they do not want their items to be copied and form or way.      The types of recommendations to those who are tasked with securing our computer systems are to really look deep into the files to make sure nothing is copyrighted or moved. Make sure no one is looking through your system using another computer and no matter what system you get or that you are using at the moment make sure you update the computer. There is a lot of people out in this world that would find back ways to everything , the main ones that you would have to look after would be the hackers they can get through anything without you knowing and you would call that type of hacker a Security Vulnerability Scanner. I would also recommend to them to make sure when updating the device to run through it and see if it it perfectly fine and that there is  no virus that would mess up the system within days or months using the device. there can be so much bugs behind it and you wouldn’t know. Securing computer systems is a big responsibility especially dealing with people privacy and important information.    Warrantless searches of cellular telephones should be admissible absent a search warrant , my opinion on this discussion would be that I agree on it because if it is dealing with a serious case and the cellular device plays a big role in the investigation then a warrant should take place. In most place you see people having their conversations on the phone about how the crime is going to take place and where it’s going to take place sometimes they also text about the investigation on their cell phone which get them caught up too . If the victim get killed that piece of evidence ( cellphone text ) Can take place on getting the search warrant from the cops. Handling laptops differ from handling desktop computers when executing a search warrant because when handling with a desktop you know that it is only in one place and you can not go anywhere to where you try to track the location where as though with a laptop you can track the location and where and what time the person was at. When dealing with computers the first thing that you would have to do is to remove the person from where the device is at , with the desktop you  have to get a warrant to enter their home under any circumstances to get to their computer and investigate on it. Dealing with a laptop you would have know whether or not should you turn the laptop off and then try to pull the power plug from the rear of the laptop then the investigator should take the battery out of computer then turn it over. Removing the desktops  connections you should remove the cable cords from the computer.      A self-control theory is a lack of control within the criminal behavior, it is more mention to where it is the common theory of a crime. In chapter 13 the criminal behaviors discussed in this chapter One of the theory would be dealing with people who went through low self-control. Low self-control is found in how children is being parented Michael Gottfried  in 1990 says that kids should be watched by their parents and must pay attention to the way that the act and fix the way their behavior is determining on how they should take care of that situation. Gratification and will attracts in behaviors that furnish short term delight even if the action can go right into a long term trauma. Also people with low self-control contains activities required  with stealth and the chance of getting grasp are exciting. In the novel Cybercrime: Investigating High-Technology Computer Crime it states, ” George Higgins examined self-control theory as it relates to understanding digital piracy on a university sample. Surveying approximately 382 students, Higgins examined the relationship between self-control levels and intentions to engage in digital piracy.” Mr.Higgins was trying to samples on the students in his school so that he can show that self-control come from home , how they was taught growing up and how their parents


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