Feeling nature, my blithe spirit, and also my

Feeling proud of yourself is This was the first trophy I ever have gotten! This is the story of how I won 1st place in Little Prince. Little Prince is where you have to show your talent for 2 minutes in front of a huge crowd.

It was one of the competitions which were placed in a 3-day event hosted by KAGW, (Kerala Association of Greater Washington). My heart was beating fast, and my feet were trembling when I heard that I was in this competition, However, I was happy and confident too. Since people in Kerala speak Malayalam. That made me want to make my introduction in Malayalam which is also my mother tongue. I said, “Ennede pare Zaheen Ahmed.

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” That means hi my name is Zaheen Ahmed. I also talked about my family, my kind-hearted nature, my blithe spirit, and also my biggest plus which is my smile. I also wore a crisp white shirt, blue jeans, bow tie, and a vest. My mom also gelled up my hair into a cool Mohawk. Then a K-Pop song came which is Wopa Gangnam Style and I started dancing.

My family was giving me thumbs up, the crowd was clapping and dancing along, and my brother’s friends were cheering and screaming my name out.But wait a minute, something went wrong. The song kept going. I realized that my dad accidentally put the real song but not the version that I practiced. But, I still kept on dancing. The judges were impressed about my confidence. Finally, the song stopped and I said,” Nandi,” which means thank you and walked off the stage. When they were distributing the prizes.

I heard a voice saying, “First place goes to Zaheen Ahmed.” I had a big smile and my family was giving me hugs and kisses.After I won 1st place, that made my parents throw me a big birthday treat.

About 10 friends were there. Even my friends were impressed. I had a blast on that night.In conclusion, this was the most memorable moment.

When I look at my shiny colossal trophy, that makes me more confident when I am doing something. I will always cherish this moment in my heart.


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