Fast a propensity is turning into a

Fast food is the term given to offer that can be arranged and served rapidly. Most people recently, were busy. At work, studies, and businesses and in every secular activity we do in day-to-day living. We cannot avoid that we have no time cooking because of it. So having fast-food chains is a great help to ease our problems with what we eat.

Eating out a propensity is turning into a piece of present day way of life which has driven clients to try and encounter new things. These progressions have then determined quick.Muhammad Irfan (2013), fulfilling the request of clients in universal eatery networks is in an assortment of products and services. To eat drive-thru products have given a new dimension to the industry so that drive-thru food eateries are taking great business in a large portion of the part of the world. Qin and Prybutok (2010) explored the relationship among service quality and customer satisfaction in fast food restaurants in USA.

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Five service quality dimensions were found: Tangibles, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, and Empathy. Service quality leads to customer satisfaction. Then again customer satisfaction immediately affects fast food customers’ behavioral intention.


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