Family the amount of cohesion, flexibility, and

Family provides people with important relationships in their life. These relationships assist family members in learning how to relate to others and grow through the ability to communicate.

Family relationships are not easy to uphold, therefore family members need to put effort into their relationships in order to advance family functionality. Group work, similar to a family, is a difficult collaboration that requires equal and valuable contribution from every member. The relations between family members determine the family’s overall success. Throughout the different types of family relationships, including marital, parent-child, and sibling, the parents prove to be an essential aide in the development of the relationships. Each type of relationship helps to better other relationships throughout the family. Learning to create and sustain one type of relationship helps to create and sustain other types of familial relationships. Family relationships require the parents to enhance the amount of cohesion, flexibility, and communication across each relationship to ensure family functionality.

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