Familia: a said family, and finally, we became

Familia:Let me start by explaining our current society’s view of Family and its values.

These days, the concept of marriage and starting a family are considered as ancient, outmoded, compromising, complicated and selective. Little by little, more couples become cohabitants and fewer couples believe in the concept of marriage and forming a family. On the other hand, divorce is rampant and many formalized marriages dissolve into insignificance, together with the family members.

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Our society’s structure, as we have known, is slowly disintegrating and changing and nobody is certain where it is heading. Traditionally, marriage and family have been the foundation of our society and a link between each individual and a community. From its sanctuary, and through guidance and protection, we took our first steps into society. Initially, we were a minor member of a tribe called family, then we became a representative of a said family, and finally, we became independent and developed our own family inside a society.

Yet we never detached our ties with our original tribe or family at least on all counts. This process allowed a smooth transition from reliant to self-sufficient, from the shelter of the family into the uncertainty of a society.Today an increasing number of children are being raised in dismembered families, without a traditional a father, a mother, sometimes both or even inserted in a series of conflicts having no relation to what a family is supposed to be. They lamentably grow up without affection, feeling lonely, lost and without a sense of belonging.

They neither had roots and nor nobody to turn or return to.Given the former, their chances of success, forming a stable family of their own and being a valuable contribution to society is slender. The most probable outcome is more fatherless and motherless children and as this situation escalates exponentially into the future. What are the consequences? Society will become less moral, knowledgeable, conceptual, lawful, responsible and systematic. It is evident that we have come to terms with boundless news around the world, of more violence, drugs, joblessness, homelessness, crimes, and a more permissive society.If this situation does not improve, it could lead to a situation where society will deliberately degenerate into chaos and turmoil. This is because arguably, the family is contemplated as society’s historic supplier of values and the base of the structure sustaining it.

There will be no more supply of moral individuals necessary to maintain the inertia of growth, stability and the magnitude of a community.Therefore, it is critical that each one of us contributes in somehow reversing this contravening tendency by respecting each of our own family, and traditions. Strengthening ties and keeping our beliefs concepts alive and within our family and notably in our descendants who will sustain these values into the future.


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