FACULTY and Organisational Behaviour, 2nd ed., Chicago, McGraw-Hill,


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edu.my [email protected] OBJECTIVES To introduce students to management theories as well as the four functions of management. To introduce students to the basic psychological and sociological theories and concepts relevant to the study of organisational behaviour and management. Increase students awareness towards the integration of human elements with the structure, technology and the environment that determines the operation of the organisation. Expose students to the practicality of Western theories within the Malaysian context and the differences that exist between Asian and Western Management styles.

FORMAT Lectures will be held weekly on Tuesday nights from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm. Class Seminar will be split into two parts. The first part will be reserved for lectures on topics assigned for the day.

Lectures will cover the text sparingly but will focus more on organisational issues related to the assigned topic. Students are expected to have read the assigned reading materials before class. The second part will be reserved for discussion and presentation of cases or some other exercise as assigned. TEXT Ivancevich, J.M. Konopaske, R. and Matteson, M.

T. 2014. Organisational Behavior and Management, 10th ed.

, New York McGraw Hill. READINGS Asma Abdullah. 1998. Going Glocal.

Shah Alam SNP Offset (M) Sdn. Bhd. Daft, R. L. 2010. New Era of Management. Canada South Western, Cengage Learning. Certo, S.

C. And Certo, S. T.

2009. Modern Management Concepts and Skills. New Jersey Pearson Prentice Hall. Cook, C.

W. Hunsaker, P.L., and Coffey, R.E.

, Management and Organisational Behaviour, 2nd ed., Chicago, McGraw-Hill, 1997. Hamzah-Sendut, Madsen J., Thong, G.

1990. Managing in a Plural Society. Singapore Longman Singapore Publishers. Robbins, S.P.

and Judge, T.A. 2011, Organisational Behaviour, 14th ed., New Jersey Pearson. Slocum, J. W. Jr. And Hellriegel D.

2011. Principles of Organisational Behaviour, 13th ed., Canada South Western, Cengage Learning.. COURSE EVALUATION Students performance will be evaluated as follows (a) Course Work 60 (b) Final Exam 40 (a) Course Work Case Study Presentation 25 Management in Action 15 Discussion/Participation 10 Quiz 10 (b) Final Exam 40 The final exam will over all materials including discussions covered in class. The format of the exam will be essay type questions. CLASS SCHEDULE WEEKLECTURES (CHAPTERS /TOPICS)1Chapter 1 Introduction to Mgmt and OB. 2Chapter 2 3Chapter 3 and 4 4Chapter 5 and 6 5Chapter 7 6Chapter 8 7Chapter 98Chapter 109Chapter 11 and 12 10Chapter 1311Chapter 1412Chapter1513Chapter16 and 1714Presentation of Semester ReportFINAL EXAMINATION ASSIGNMENT DETAILS GROUP ASSIGNMENT CASE STUDY ON MANAGEMENT AND ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR (25) ASSIGNMENT DETAILS A group of 4 to 5 students.

Review a case study which will be given in week 3. Assignment Outline Case study format will be presented in class. ASSIGNMENT FORMAT Students will be divided into teams of 3-4 individuals and each team must submit the case study report for all the cases assigned to the class. However each team will be responsible to present only one case study report during the whole semester.

This will be pre assigned at the beginning of the semester. The presentation will be graded based on the following Business Like Attire Presentation Skills Audio/Video/Power Point Quality Contents of Presentation and Question and Answer Session Skills. In preparing the case study report, students must follow the following format CASE SUMMARY Summarise the case study using your own words. The length should not be more than one page. PROBLEM STATEMENT List all problems. Discuss the problems within the case. Differentiate symptoms from problems. State your problem statement by integrating the problems and looking from a conceptual view ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES Brainstorm the alternative solutions for your problem.

Choose the best three or four alternative strategies. The alternatives must be able to resolve the problem stated. The alternative should be an approach with a pattern of action to resolve the problem NOT STEPS or ACTIVITIES. Describe each alternative briefly Half Page Each EVALUATION OF ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES If the strategy is implemented, what are the possible positive and negative outcomes. Evaluate each alternative strategy.

THE BEST STRATEGY AND JUSTIFICATION Choose the best strategy to resolve the problem stated. The strategy can be a combination of the strategies listed. Justify why it is the best approach chosen. Do not merely repeat the strengths listed in the evaluation part IMPLEMENTATION Divide implementation into short and long term implementation.

Describe the implementation of the strategy chosen in detail, step by step. In the long term implementation, try to resolve all the other problems in the case not covered by your problem statement. Describe steps necessary in how to prevent the problems from recurring in future. SUBMISSION DUE DATE Due every week from third week onwards.

MANAGEMENT IN ACTION(15) This is an individual assignment. Each student is required to prepare a POWERPOINT report which is descriptive in nature, describing a company and its management system. Information relating to the company and its characteristics should be provided through pictures, videos, and facts from goggling through the internet, newspapers or magazines or any other print/online media.

The report should be around 15 minutes long. A copy of the report must be submitted through a compact disc and submitted during the presentation in class. q(466n//f()x7) h n [email protected]

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