Facts is covered by Amazon Rainforest. 5-

Facts about Amazon Rainforest
1- About 50 million years ago Amazon rainforest was born.
2- Amazon rainforest provide 80% of the total food supply.
3- It would be 9th largest country in the world if Amazon was a country.
4- More than 5.5 million square kilometers is covered by Amazon Rainforest.
5- Every second around 55 million gallons of water the Amazon pours into the Atlantic Ocean.
6- Amazon rainforest is the largest of all tropical forests in the world.
7- 20% of the oxygen on our planet is produced by the humid Amazon tropical forests.
8- Amazon is known as ‘lungs of the planet.’
9- The Amazon rainforest is nine times the size of Texas.
10- The largest fish in the world – Pirarucu, up to 2.5 m in length and having a record weight of 250 kg was caught in the basins of Amazon River.
11- Around 55 million gallons of water the Amazon pours into the Atlantic Ocean every second.
12- The tallest tree in the Amazon forest is Kapok tree.
13- There are many native tribes who live in Amazon forest; they have no contact with civilization.
14- If there is 3 degree rise in temperature then it will destroy 75% of Amazon rainforest.
15- Amazon rainforest run through nine countries- Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.
16- There are more than 40,000 plant species in Amazon Rainforest.
17- It is estimated that presently 2.5 million species of insects live in the Amazon basin.
18- Brazil has the biggest part of Rainforest- around 60%.
19- More than 3,000 varieties of fruits found in Amazon rainforest.
20- Almost 137 spices of plants, animals, and insects become extinct every day due to deforestation.
21- Henry Ford built a city in the Amazon rainforest to harvest rubber. But now it is a ghost town.
22- There are no bridges over Amazon River.
23- There is species of butterflies that drink the tears of turtles.
24- 20% of world’s birds live in Amazon Rainforest.
25- The Amazon is not fertile enough, that’s why people living there have to move very often.
26- The Toucan bird is the loudest creature in the Amazon.
27- The ground of Rainforest is very dark, only 1% of sunlight reaches the ground.
28- In the year 2005 and 2010 Amazon suffered drought, a huge amount of vegetation was affected due to it.
29- There are 500 species of mammals and 300 species of reptiles.
30- There are approximate 250,000 Amazon natives.
31- Amazon tribes speak 170 different languages.
32- Amazon has many dangerous species of snakes, spiders, and animals.
33- It takes 10 minutes to reach rain to the ground because trees are so tightly packed.
34- Amazon Rainforest receives 243 centimeters of rain ever year and 50% of is returned to the atmosphere through evaporation.
35- 1 in 10 of all the world’s plant and animal species are found in the Amazon Rainforest.
36- According to scientists, every second about half a hectare of the rainforest disappears, because of the developing industry of neighboring countries.
37- Recently, the species of blind underground ants found in the Amazon and it is considered a direct descendant of the very first species of ants.
38- One hectare of Amazon forest has more than 750 types of tree, and 1,500 types of plants.
39- From the point of view of the water flow, the Amazon River is more than the next 8 largest rivers of the planet combined.
40- In the Amazon and its tributaries, there are over 2 thousand different species of fish.
41- The number of species of fish that live in this region exceeds the number of species of fish in whole Europe.
42- If deforestation will continue at the same rate then we will lose Amazon rainforest in 40 years.
43- About 1/4 of medicine we have today is from Amazon and it is only from 1% of examined trees from there.
44- From the Amazon River to the Atlantic, there is so much fresh water that almost 150 kilometers of salt water desalt the ocean.
45- The structure of forest includes 4 layers, each of which has a unique ecosystem with its inherent flora and fauna.
46- Amazon ants on one bush are more than the entire British Isles.
47- Five centuries ago, in the Amazonian tropics, lived about 10 million Aborigines.
48- There are many plants on Amazon that are known to have anti-cancerous properties.
49- There are many endangered species of animals and birds in Forest such as the golden lion Tamarin, as well as the Hyacinth macaw (parrot).
50- Many plants of forest grow to gigantic proportions. For example, tropical lilies on the water.
51- There is a unique fish in the waters of the Amazon; a fish called Arapaima. It is covered with a sturdy relief scale, the multi-layered composite structure, which allows it to survive in an environment of piranhas.
52- There is a theory that the Amazon is a giant orchard left from a civilization that flourished in this area about 3,000 years ago.
53- The daily water flow of the Amazon is enough to provide water supply to the entire city of New York for 12 years.
54- Most of the water in the Amazon is formed because of the annual snow melting in the Peruvian Andes.
55- Martin Strel was the first man to swim the entire length of Amazon River. It took him 66 days to travel.
56- Some species of ants of Amazon are known for raiding neighboring colonies and taking other ants into slavery.
57- The rainforest has a larger temperature difference between day and night than between seasons.
58- Under the Amazon flows another river called Rio Hamza. It is of the same length as Amazon but much wider than it.
59- Once the Amazon started flowing into the Pacific Ocean, but then changed its direction in the opposite direction.
60- In Amazon Forest, a microscopic fungus is found which can survive by eating plastic.
61- On Amazon, there is the largest river island in the world – Marajo.


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