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Extended EssayResearch Question: To what extent does fifa 17 is more salable rather than pes 17?PERSPECTIVE 1: How can fifa overcome the threat from pes in the coming year?Fifa needs to improve some factors that could make them lose from pes which are, Ea sports needs to improve the passing system and also they need to reduce their production costs because EA Sports spend so much money on production. On the other hand Konami still trying to compete with EA Sports but their biggest issues was brand loyalty. Some of the customers think that EA Sports is more credible compared to Konami, because of several reasons such as the gameplay itself, and how they promote their products and future of having a Konami Products. Strengthen relationships with console gaming: Recently Nintendo wii has just released their new product known as Wii U. Nintendo promises that their new products would have an excellent graphics but EA Sports has not released games for Wii. This can be an opportunity for EA Sports for release as many games as possible including Fifa.We know EA Sports has their own game portal called as “origin”, if EA Sports can leverage their game portal to gain an edge like their competitor “steam”.

EA Sports can add some as many third party games as possible in addition to its own games which will add its customer base. Strong Point of EA Sports EA Sports has an advantage on how they promote their products. They released some several kind of FIFA 17 tapes such as: Standard tapes, Deluxe edition ( include packs for Fifa Ultimate Team), and Super Deluxe edition ( include packs for Fifa Ultimate Team).  Unlike EA Sports, Konami does not released much types of PES tapes.Global presence was one of the strength that applied by EA Sports. They operates over 35 countries, more than 300 million registered gamers worldwide play EA sports (Fifa 17) regularly.

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Powerful investment in the R&D sector, EA Sport could launch multiple games on multiple platforms faster on a consistent basis. EA’s R venture as a profit sales is one of the highest in the gaming industry. Strong position in the market: EA Sports is a strong brand name, it has strong relations in the supply chain and has strengthened its position in the market by buying publisher and  developer studios. Good digital presence: Digital net revenue increased to $2.41 billion in 2016 which represented 55% of net revenue for the fiscal year of 2016. The leading point of EA Sports rather than Konami is that, EA has its own online gaming portal, digital distribution, and digital rights management platform that called as “origin” which can allows gamers to purchase games digitally. PERSPECTIVE 2: How can pes pass fifa in the market sales?What do they need to pass fifa is improving on the shooting The dates releases of FIFA 17 is one of weaknesses that Konami could find advantages of it. EA Sport has to comply with to a specific release dates, and any miscalculations of production and distribution makes their assets less profitable.

Yearly releases of certain games do not allow for the quality and polished games that customer demand.  Production costs is one of biggest issues of EA Sports, they still dependent on the platforms created by other companies which could limit the design capabilities, graphics, and game performance. The game hardware developers set their own payment and extra charges for distribution on their platforms. Konami WHY FIFA IS BETTER?Here’s a snippet from Max Parker’s FIFA 17 review: FIFA 17 is another strong iteration of the iconic series, and one that looks to lay the groundwork for future titles by switching to a new engine. The hyper-realistic graphics are great, with facial expressions finally helping players look more than ghosts.

Ea sports always add new content to fifa in every year that’s one of the reason, this year Ea sports add a new content which is the Journey. This new content allow the gamers to play using a character named as hunter, a rookie player that wants to be a professional player. The gamers will played hunter from the very first trial in club until he become a professional football player which are excited because the gamers could decide what teams that they want hunter play for based on the player skills. If hunter played well during his rookie year, big teams want to recruit him as their player but if hunter play horrible in his rookie year he might be join a small teams or he would not join any club. These feature will make the gamers feel like they is the player itself because its start from zero so the gamers itself that who’s the one can decide the future of the player.

Not only that fifa has an online play feature known as the fifa ultimate team. This feature allow the players to build their dream team but they need to buy coins for buying the player or a player packs. Fut allow us to play against our friends by using it’s own team. Ea sports takes a very good profit from Fifa ultimate player because the gamers need to pay to get the coins, but they gamers didn’t care about the money all they care is building their dream team so they can beat their friends or someone else. Not only that Fut now become a trend after  youtubers such as KSI,.

..  played it.  For them playing  and every single year there will always be a fifa ultimate team, this competition will produce a new fifa pro game player. The winner of fifa tournament will get a big amount of money.

That’s another reason why people are more likely to play fifa rather than pes because they can survive just by playing fifa and be a pro gamer or even just post video in youtube. Youtubers could gain many subscribers when they post a video about playing Fifa Ultimate Team, this happened because people tend to prefer playing Fifa rather than PES because of FUT ( Fifa Ultimate Team). They can construct their own team, and play a match with their friends.

EA Sports provide packs that conduct of players. Youtubers could get many subscribers just because they post a video when they opening their packs of FUT.  EA Sport released some several types of tapes that may attract their customer attention such as: Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Super Deluxe Edition.

EA Sports knows that could take an advantages by releasing the deluxe edition and super deluxe edition, it’s include packs for the Fifa Ultimate Team. They set a different price for each tapes, thus the customers could decide which one they would buy. Each year’s EA Sports comes up with a new innovation, this Ovvy – Best FIFA 17 Tutorials Tricks & Skills With the new frostbite engine that Ea sports implemented in Fifa 17, it has a better graph rather than pes 17. Move to gameplay, Fifa 17 has more realistic shooting gameplay rather than pes 17, pes 17 to mechanical on how they implement the shooting system, but pes has a much better passing system compare to fifa 17.

We could control our tactics in pes, we could go for counter attacks or go for possession style. So    WHY PES 17  IS BETTER THAN FIFA 17?   PESTLE ANALYSISis a concept in marketing principles. Moreover, this concept is used as a tool by companies to track the environment they’re operating in or are planning to launch a new project/product/service etc.

is a framework or tool used by marketers to analyse and monitor the macro-environmental (external marketing environment) factors that have an impact on an organisation. The result of which is used to identify threats and weaknesses which is used in a SWOT analysis.P – PoliticalE – EconomicS – SocialT – TechnologicalE – EnvironmentalL – Legal Based on what EA Sport did in their social factors for fifa 17 was, they used football players and youtubers to promote their products by playing Fifa 17, actually pes using the same strategies as EA   SWOT ANALYSISSWOT analysis is a process that identifies an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Specifically, SWOT is a basic, analytical framework that assesses what an entity (usually a business, though it can be used for a place, industry or product) can and cannot do, for factors both internal (the strengths and weaknesses) as well as external (the potential opportunities and threats).

Using environmental data to evaluate the position of a company, a SWOT analysis determines what assists the firm in accomplishing its objectives, and what obstacles must be overcome or minimized to achieve desired results: where the organization is today, and where it may be positioned in the future.    Strength Weakness OpportunityThreats – Good diversity of games on multiple platforms – Good digital presence- Global presence – Powerful investment in R&D- Good company growth – Strong position in market – High cost of production –   4P’S      


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