EXPO-2017 is a common knowledge that International Specialized

EXPO-2017 -discover Kazakhstan It seems to me it is a common knowledge that International Specialized Exhibitions “Expo”, which have a long history, are conducted to demonstrate the technical and technological advances, as well as the history, traditions and culture of the participating countries. It goes without saying, that they are the biggest events, which attract the attention of the world community and millions of visitors. In addition the exhibitions “EXPO” serve as a place for creating the new trends in economic, social and cultural development. All nations of the world show their best technological, scientific and cultural achievements at these exhibitions. They form a new agenda of global development. Such events are visited by millions of people from dozen of countries, presenting all continents.

 It is no coincidence that according to the results of voting for the right to host the International Specialized Exhibition “EXPO-2017” Kazakhstan, Astana was chosen. I think that our victory in the acute competition is not accidental. Firstly, it is the recognition of the capital as the center; which is ready to hold the event of the world rank. Secondly, the choice in favor of Kazakhstan says the appreciation of success of our state and highlights the prospects for its development, and the whole of Eurasia. Thirdly, the victory is supported by the relevance of our proposed topic “Energy for the future.” From my point of view during the years of independence, Kazakhstan has had the significant structural reforms, aimed at the gradual establishment of a market economy, based on a private property and a free competition. There is no doubt that we have proved that Kazakhstan is a state with a steadily growing economy.

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 We must admit that Kazakhstan is rich in natural resources, which allow it to get into the group of 10 richest countries of the world in this category. I would especially like to note the unique geographical location of Kazakhstan between the dynamically developing markets of Europe, East and South-East Asia. Our state has been playing also a great role in shaping the global transport system.

 In conclusion, I would like to stress that holding «Expo-2017″ in Kazakhstan, in the ongoing financial crisis, the reduction of markets, increased competition in the framework of the Customs Union, Common Economic Space (CES) and the forthcoming accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), meets the huge tasks of forced industrialization set by the Head of our State. In my opinion industrialization with emphasis on high-tech and innovative sectors of the economy will reveal the creative potential of Kazakhstan. It also gives the impetus to the innovative development of the country, increases competitiveness, technological modernization of industry, as well as provides energy and environmental security..


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