EXECUTIVE mission, vison, how it gives services


We decided to doing our project on “ORION PHARMA LTD” which is a part of “ORION GROUP”. We have collected information about its human resource management activities and how it manages its employee’s recruitment, selection, training and development, performance appraisal all these procedures. We also took an interview of human resource manager Mr. Chowdhury Razzak Haider, in ORION PHARMA LTD for making our project more effective. After collecting information, we have prepared a group project on human resource management activities of ORION PHARMA LTD. In our introduction we briefly discussed about the organization, it’s birth time, how it had started journey into the stock market, what it produces and how many employees it has. Next, we have given the methodology and company’s background. How we collected our data and information is present in the methodology and about it’s mission, vison, how it gives services to the customers is present in the company’s background.
In human resource management activities part, firstly we have discussed about SHRM, where we talked about the company’s goal. Secondly, we have discussed about the company’s recruitment process and sources from where it recruits employees. After that in third step we have discussed about the company’s selection and interview process as how it selects the employees and takes their interview. In the fourth step, we have discussed after the selection and interview process how the company gives training for developing their employees. After the training and development how, Orion evaluates its employee’s performances has discussed in our fifth step. We have also talked about Orion’s benefit offered to the employees. Finally, we appreciated the company for their excellent job and some beneficial HRM activities which are exist in their work place. With appreciating, we gave Orion some suggestions in which part it should have done better. These all are present in our recommendation section.

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Orion Pharmaceuticals limited is known as the ”feather-in-the-hat” of Orion Group. Starting its journey back in 1965, Orion pharma has become one of the oldest and most well-renowned pharmaceutical company of the nation. The company was previously known as Orion laboratories and was a private company until it got public in 2013 and reformed as Orion Pharmaceuticals. It consists of a huge range of products varying from different brands.it has its own factory with all the modern technologies and machineries. It also consists of around 2000 employees from different educational institutes. The human resource department of Orion Pharma ltd is one of the core departments of the company. All the works in this department is monitored by the human resource manager.


Two sources are usually necessary for preparing HRM report. Similarly, we collected information from primary and secondary sources.

Considering primary sources, we interviewed HR manager Chowdhury Razzak Haider,
Pharma and healthcare, Orion pharma ltd. He ensured all the necessary details of HR process of Orion pharma & healthcare- such as, recruitment process, training & development, performance appraisal, and strategic HRM.
For secondary sources, we gathered information from various online sources like journals and reports. Moreover, Orion’s website helped us an abundance to find out their company profile, annual report and charts.

Company Background

With the one to serve along with humanity around the globe, Orion Pharma Ltd has run into one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh manufacturing and marketing general drugs. It has also established itself to the doctor’s community, other health care professionals, medicines and healthcare services through 115 brands and 250 presentations of various formulations complying good manufacturing practice and the guide lines of quality management
system. Orion Pharma manufactures and markets a wide range of dimension forms including tablets, capsules, syrups, different therapeutic groups, anti-diabetics etc.
MISSION “To improve people’s health and achieve stakeholders’ satisfaction by manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical finished products.”
VISION “To be regarded as a world-class pharmaceutical company in the field of generic finished products.”

Culture of Interpersonal relationship/Team leadership

Recruitment Process of ORION PHARMA LTD.

ORION PHARMA LTD. recruits the employees by their,
Job Specification
Job Description

Job Specification:
Academic Qualification:
Applicants should be graduated from any discipline university with at least CGPA 3.25 or first-class candidates and a good score in high school.

They have to have good accent in Bengali and English.

Age bellow 30 years.

Willing to work anywhere in Bangladesh.
Job Description:
Promote products to the medical professionals.
Generate prescription to achieve sales target.

Sources of ORION PHARMA LTD’s requirements

ORION PHARMA LTD requites the employees in two major ways.
Internal Requirement
External Requirement
Internal Requirement:
ORION PHARMA LTD sometimes recruits employees internally. In internal requirement it mainly focuses in two components,
Job posting.
Succession planning.
Job posting:
In here ORION posts their job with relevant information like employee’s qualification, pay rates, attributes in their own web sites
Succession planning:
For filling its top positions ORION apply succession planning in its internal requirement. In this component ORION do three steps.
At first ORION identify the key needs, what is needed for its top position candidates.
Second ORION develops those needs inside the candidates. Most probably here it trains those candidates properly according the needs.
Last ORION chooses and recruits the candidates for the top positions.

External Sources:
HR department of ORION PHARMA LTD uses several external sources when recruiting externally. It recruits employees via internet. It also uses Linked-in, some job sites like BDjobs.com, BDcareer.com etc. By posting advertisement it recruits people from there.

Selection Process of the ORION PHARMA LTD.
Orion starts it selection process of the employees based on their ability and qualification. At first it does a competitive written test where general subjects like English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, and Critical thinking related questions are included. Economics, Marketing, Finance and Accounting and HR related questions are also included based on the job. The exam paper are prepared and checked by the experts. To be compatible for the interview the candidate has to earn at least 55% mark in the written test. After the written test Orion takes reliability and validity test for checking the consistency of scores obtained by the candidate or not and the accuracy with the written test and interview for measuring the candidate’s job content. After the reliability and validity test Orion takes the candidate’s personality and psychological test for checking whether the candidate is perfect and capable of maintaining the company’s organizational ethics.
After these all selection processes the candidates who have chosen by the board of committee are called for the interview. For the interview session Orion focuses on the mass and panel interview.

1. Mass interview:
In mass interview Orion sets a group discussion by asking job related questions with a group of candidates. Orion selects the candidates by comparing each other in the interview session. The candidates who can survive this interview session are nominated for the panel interview.
2. Panel interview:
In panel interview session a group of interviewers about 3 to 5 members take the interview of the candidates. Along with the job knowledge, the interviewers also focus on some other factors of the candidates like their attitude, body language, dress up, communication and language skills, confidence, creativity, situational knowledge etc.
After the interview the candidates have to go to the medical test in Somorita Hospital which is controlled by the organization approved doctors for ensuring their physical and mental status. After the medical test the references are checked. Finally, if any candidate passes all the sections then he/she will be hired.

Training and Development process of ORION PHARMA LTD.
Before the training and development program Orion sets an orientation program for the selected candidates in the Orion House which is located at Tejgoan, Dhaka. Here the new employees are informed about their job objectives, job goals, job responsibilities, job hours, the rules and regulations to follow. They also inform about immediate actions for the violation of the rules.
After the orientation the candidates of different departments have to ready for their training and development program. In training and development process Orion focuses both on-the-job and off-the-job training program.

1. On-the-job training:
In on-the-job training program the candidates learn the job in actual job environment. Orion trains the candidates with on-the-job training by,
Job Instruction Training:
In this program Orion trains the candidates step by step the major points of the job. The trainer suggests and explains them their work step by step.
Job Rotation:
In this program Orion moves the candidates from department to department for broaden their experience and identify their strong and weak points. For an example, if anyone is working for marketing department the organization is moving he/she to the another department for gathering knowledge and experience.
Coaching approach:
Hardly Orion uses this method for training the candidates.
2. Off-the-job training:
In off-the-job training program the candidates learn the job outside the actual job environment inside the organization. Orion trains the candidates with off-the-job training by,

Effective lecture:
In this program Orion trains, the candidates by some experts of the higher position employers. They give relevant lecture to the candidates in a class setting room inside the organization.

Outside seminars:
In this program Orion organizes very training program on the outside with a lot of managers, expatriates of high level of training skills for train the candidates.
Behavior mode:
In this program an employee of Orion who plays as a model and shows the trainees the right way of doing their job. After that the trainees are asked to practice their job and the trainer who has played the modeling role gives them feedback of their performance.

Every year Orion recruits’ students from well-known universities in Bangladesh who are further hoping to land permanent position in the company. After internship period, students are offered jobs based on their performance.

Appraisal process of ORION PHARMA LTD.
Orion pharma ltd. reviews the performance of it personnel almost every month but mainly twice a year formally. The ratings usually follow the combination of a graphic rating scale and computerized and web-based performance appraisal system where the performance matrix is extensively defined and the performance scale span between poor performance to beyond expectations and outstanding performance. The performance dimensions include work quality, knowledge, co-operation and similar issues. The performance review aims to check the competency of the workers on three levels; ‘Leading Myself’, ‘Leading Others’, and ‘Leading the Organization’.

Leading Myself
The first level deals with individual performance standard, goal attainment, and quality of work. Usually the supervisor and the individuals rate and self-rate themselves, against some pre-set performance standard levels.
Leading Others
The second level deals with the analysis of the performance of the individual as a team player.
Leading the organization
The final level analyses how well the individual worked alongside their team to achieve the organizational goals.
Apart from Graphic rating scale the business practices Management by Objectives (MBO), to appraise the performance as well. (MBO) appraisal methods include
By target setting-
The Corporate Department sets strategic mission and goals. These mission and goals are further broken down into departmental goals. These goals are further broken down into individual project goals. Each individual in the projects are informed of the project deadlines and standards and are informed of their personal performance standard and deadline.
By Monitoring –
The department supervisors review the progress of the projects routinely and frequently
By Discussion and feedback-
Instead of waiting for a formal meeting to discuss any lag in the performance feedback are provided informally and as early as possible. Formal meeting is also held to discuss the issues however the frequency of these meetings depends on the department and issues. Dire issues would result in arranging for formal meetings weekly.
By Implementation-
After the meeting the employees implement the recommended changes.
The supervisors evaluate the effectiveness of the recommendation and consequent improvement of the performance and goal achievement.
The performance appraisals of employees are carried out majorly through the supervisor. Which are provided with a target performance standard rubric, where they rate the performance standard, the notable failures, and ask how the standard could be better. However, the results of the ratings are allowed to be accessed by every individual.
Performance management
Evidence of performance management can be found in the business’s performance appraisal practices. It was evident in the direction sharing and goal alignment through MBO, the three-month performance reviews and the monthly meetings where employees are given feedback, the training support and internal recruitment for recognition program.
Benefit Plans in ORION PHARMA LTD

Orion pharma provide these four benefits to employees:
1. Supplementary Benefit
2. Insurance Benefit
3. Retirement Benefit
4. Services Benefit

Supplementary Benefit:
Supplementary Benefit is a kind of benefit employee get when they don’t work. Under Supplementary benefit employee of Orion group don’t get vacation ; holidays benefit. They get other benefit which are given below:
Sick Leave:
is when employee out of work because of sickness. In Orion pharma, employee can take sick leave up to 40 days.
Parental Leave:
This granted for family purpose. In Orion pharma women workers can take parental leave during pregnancy. Furthermore, women ; men who are single-parent can enjoy parental leave.
Severance Pay:
is pay when organization want to terminate an employee. In Orion pharma, they pay advanced to an employee during terminating.
Insurance Pay:
Worker’s Compensation:
Orion Group provides medical & income benefit to employee in terms of work related accidents.
Hospitalization, health and disability insurance:
It’s the most important benefit to employees. Employee of Orion group get compensation in “SOMORITA HOSPITAL” where they get discount ; treatment.
Retirement Benefit:
Pension Plans:
is a benefit plan employee get on their retirement. In pension plan Orion group follow “Qualified Plan” that meet requirement for tax benefit for employer contribution where it’s mandatory for employer to contribute according to company policy.
Personal Services:
In Orion pharma employee have cafeteria facility but unfortunately, they don’t provide subsidized child care, sick child benefit, elder care facility.
Special Benefit:
Provident Fund:
special retirement saving plan which allows employee to save certain amount of basic income ; total savings will be given to employee after retirement. This plan is also sponsored by employer. They didn’t tell us exactly what percentage of basic income go to provident fund but that varies in terms of income & they provide it to employee after their retirement.

Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)

In Orion group recruitment and selection done both from internal and external sources. In case of internal recruitment, they go for job posting and succession planning process. Selection process of employees require candidates’ ability and qualification. Recruitment and selection process together ensures that Orion Pharma Ltd. have the efficient candidates for the organization. After selecting the candidates Orion group provide an orientation program. As a result, new employees know about their job objectives, job goals, responsibilities, the rules and regulations etc. from the first day. For making employees more efficient they provide both on-the-job training and off the job-training. Their rate employee performances on the basis of combine graphic rating scale and computerized and web-based performance appraisal system. Orion Pharma Ltd. Provides provident fund which is sponsored by employer. Employees get retirement benefit i.e. the organization have pension plans for employees. Their pension plan meet requirement for tax benefit for employer contribution where it’s mandatory for employer to contribute according to company policy. They also provide sick leave, parental leave, and severance pay benefits. Insurance benefit like workers compensation and, hospitalization benefit is also provided for the employees.
From above policies it can be said that Orion Pharma Ltd is formulating and executing human resource policies and practices that is producing employee competencies and behavior the company needs to achieve the strategic goals.


Orion Pharma Ltd should introduce programmed instruction (PI) off-the –job training Employees will receive immediate feedback through self-learning. It will reduce the risk of error. The main advantage of this program is that employees will learn to solve the problem logically.
They have many on-the –job training and off-the –job training programs. To evaluate their training program, they are using MBO appraisal tool. It is one of the best methods of evaluating training but MBO is very time consuming. They are also using graphic rating scale which may create halo effect, central tendency or biasness. Therefore, they should also introduce BARS method because it is very accurate and also have numerical value. It will help HR manager to evaluate employees well.
Orion Pharma Ltd should introduce leave cost reduction tactics because sometime the employees use these sick leave benefits in bad ways like often telling the manager that they are sick. But in reality, they are misusing the organization’s benefits.

Orion Pharma Ltd. is one of the premier pharmaceutical companies of Bangladesh. Orion believes in achieving high standard of job performance from its employees and also believes in recruiting the best employees in any cost. Their recruitment and selecting policies, employee interview and observation ensure that HR department is always conscious to keep the working environment sound by practicing the policies of the company.


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