EXECUTIVE life situation. While doing the project


The title for my project is “A study analysis of residential market through digital marketing through and enhancing the CBRE portal with reference to CBRE.” And it is done in CBRE South Asia Pvt. Ltd., Gurugram.

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Summer internship is known to be a student’s first brush in corporate world. This is the time for the student to put words and theories into action. This helps to integrate classroom learning with real life situation. While doing the project students are placed under the guidance of a mentor who serves as manner.

This project report deal with knowledge about the consumer behavior that Influence the consumers to buy the residence properties and generating a lead.
The objective of the study is to understand the consumer’s budget and their buying behavior,
Analyzing the scope of development in digital market, what are the major factors that affect the most while buying a property, I also learned about the valuation of the properties and at last what extra CBRE’s competitors are providing to its consumer.

The project is carried out depending on the various data’s which are obtained from secondary sources that is the website of the company’s book.

This study was carried to generate a lead with consumers. So that they know factor which are responsible for buying a residency property.

The objective of the project was analysis of the factor that effect buying decision. Hence it is required data to be collected from the people who are potential buyer and seller of residence property. The study highlighted the features like past performance, present performance, infrastructure, Location, profit percent, economic growth.


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