EXECUTIVE a million students enrolling in correspondence

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe Internet has created some new industries love online auctions and digital marketplaces. However, its greatest impact has been to change the reconfiguration of existing industries that had been forced by high prices for act, gathering info, or accomplishing transactions. Distance learning, parenthetically, has existed for many years, with regarding a million students enrolling in correspondence courses once a year. The net has the potential to greatly expand distance learning, however it failed to produce the trade.

Similarly, the net proves an economical suggests that to order merchandise, however catalogue retailers with fee numbers and automatic fulfilment centres are around for many years. The net solely changes the face of the method.Internet stigmatisation is one strategy that business house owners will use to establishing their position within the marketplace. Even well-established corporations area unit investment on making web complete name since internet stigmatisation ways have conjointly created large impact on a brand’s effort to expand.

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This is often most vital lately whereby the net has taken on a big role within the everyday lives of the customers. Hence, you would like to utilize it united of that you’ll be able to communicate your message to them. With web stigmatisation, you’re essentially utilizing the tools provided by the net as leverage to any or all your selling efforts. Each business owner is responsive to the advantages that a decent complete will bring your company. Since the complete is essentially what distinguishes you from the other corporations that supply a similar product or service, you want to execute your stigmatisation ways properly to supply the results you would like.

Take a glance at some winning brands within the trade that became therefore distinct to the purpose whereby their names are related to a particular product. This is often what business house owners should try and aim for.In business terms, this is often cited as complete positioning. It establishes the most locus of your product to the target market. Therefore, you’ll be utilizing the precise options that build your product distinct from the opposite and use that as attention of your message within the web stigmatisation effort.

Indeed, product differentiation and products positioning area unit closely coupled to at least one another. Many corporations and completes have worked therefore arduous on establishing their complete and however they fail to seem into the probabilities of manufacturing a web brand. Hence, they lose that advantage to alternative brands United Nations agency worked on appealing to the customers and creating their provide known. However, if you decide to start a web stigmatisation strategy, you want to not conjointly neglect the positive price or message that you just are attempting to impart with regards to your company. To total it up, a decent web stigmatisation strategy is value your investment. So, do not simply go right into a web campaign for your complete. It should be one thing that’s a product of your thorough analysis and designing.CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTIONCustomer preferences are expectation, like, dislike, motivation and inclination that drive client getting call.

They complement client wants in explaining client behavior. maybe, a client wants shoes and that they would favor a selected vogue, complete and color. Appealing to the preference of consumers during a basic promoting technique that’s helpful for disapproval, development, distribution and client expertise. the subsequent are the common kind of client preference:•Convenience•Effort•User interfaces•Communication and data•Stability VS selection•Customer service and knowledgeIt is an idea, employed in the social-sciences, significantly economic science. It assumes a true or notional “choice” between alternatives and therefore the risk of rank ordering of those alternatives, supported happiness, satisfaction, gratification, enjoyment, utility they supply. Additional typically, it will be seen as a supply of motivation.

In psychological feature sciences, individual preferences modify selection of objectives/goals. finding out the consumer’s behavior isn’t a simple task in any respect, and even less easy is perceptive only 1 facet of this behavior, like within the gift case, the consumers’ preference for a definite product, label or organization. On the analysis customers might specific their wants and wishes and still might act during a completely opposite way; from time to time, it’s doable that they aren’t even tuned in to actuality motivations behind their shopping for behavior, or they may react to factors crucial eleventh hour changes to their shopping for call. Though the patron choices are comparatively straightforward to note and quantify, the psycho-physiological processes behind them are terribly tough to require into consideration. Analysis concerning shopper behavior appearance upon its totally different dimensions and their relationship. The ultimate aim of those investigations is to foresee and channel the long run reactions of the demand agents, for a definite correlation between demands and provide.

During this respect, all dimensions that cause the manifestation of a definite behavior should be studied and understood. every of the scale of the consumers’ behavior we wish to target among a market research imprints on that with bound specificity, a special approach of approach. Therefore, the options of the consumers’ preferences mark the conducted studies with bound specific options during this sense, that we have a tendency to should take into thought once elaborating and conducting these studies, seeable of perceptive the essence of this dimension of the consumers’ behavior.The preferences of the customer are a positive motivation, expressed by the affection compatibility towards a product, service or commercialism type. We’re not handling an enclosed bodily process; however a high quality of objects that aims to fulfill our wants, quality non heritable among the association between man and therefore the merchandise ready to fulfill these wants. Preferences will be triggered by: the options concerning the fabric substance of the products (shape, size, print, taste, color, consistency, package, etc.); components touching on label, name, and use directions that accompany the product; the statute granted to the person owning and exploitation that exact product. Theoreticians, at some purpose, had the tendency to limit the preference to the idea of selection; but choice Associate in Nursing preference are 2 radically totally different entities: the primary one is an action and therefore the different one, a state of mind.

Preferences are the results of a long-run relationship between the complete and therefore the shopper, because the latter learns to associate the complete with a logo and understand it as having prime quality. Following these deep connections created over the course of your time, a robust feeling is developed that lies on the idea of preferences, remaining gift even within the absence of the friendly image or of the other element feature. Although a hardly graspable idea, it’s been incontestable that the consumers’ preference will be measured effectively, which their study will give additional thorough understanding on the alternatives customers create, once they plan to choose a selected offered as against the opposite, or perhaps once they plan to continue the connection with the offered in time. to boot, conducted studies have established numerous ideas concerning the preference, love the idea of the shaped preference that underlines the concept that the consumers’ preferences aren’t higher outlined, however rather shaped on the method of selecting, a constructive purpose of read that suggests that different tasks and contexts highlight different aspects of the choices, the patron concentrating on totally different issues resulting in inconsistent choices.Knowledge of shopper preferences is particularly necessary with relevancy the assorted activities meted out at the structure level, necessary for its survival. Parenthetically, if Associate in Nursing bourgeois should confirm what options should have the merchandise he desires to make, he can interview additional potential consumers, asking them to say the amount of preference for every separate feature. The patron preferences and behavior represent the idea of the pretesting models for the new product (ASSESSOR, COMP, DEMON, NEWS, SPRINTER), which suggests crucial the purposeful relationships between the buyer’s opinion regarding a product, testing it and therefore the purchase behavior.

The amount of preferences is one among the variables that require to be taken into consideration once distinguishing the robust and weak points of the competitors. By measurement the patron preferences before Associate in Nursing when finishing up an ad campaign, the transmitter might appraise its success or failure.The preferences towards bound product or brands might represent the theme of a survey provision data regarding the relative non-consumers, since attracting these represents a very important means that of sky rocketing the sales volume up to the utmost limits of market potential. The companies perpetually increasing the amount of reminding Associate in Nursing of preference shall attain an inevitable increase in market share and profit. The scale of profits is a smaller amount necessary than managing to consolidate shopper preferences towards its product. Additional frequent ar the things that emphasize the requirement of knowing this dimension of the consumers’ behavior. When crucial shopper preferences towards a complete, the producer might take the subsequent measures, with a read to extend preferences for that brand: modification the product; modification beliefs regarding the brand; modification beliefs regarding the competitive brands; modification the importance of features; attract attention towards neglected features; modification the consumers’ ideals. additionally, so as to draw in consumers’ preferences towards their own brands, producers and retailers might selected the choice of “renting” those brands having won the preferences of customers (names or symbols antecedently created by different producers, names of celebrities, names of show characters etc.

).The theory of rational selection contains angle parts that, in the end, represent the idea of forming a preference. This theory offers USA a model causative to a far better understanding of the approach consumers’ preferences are shaped and providing USA, in Associate in Nursing applicable approach, with the required means that of researching and foreseeing the evolution of the consumers’ preferences. when analyzing the approach consumers’ preferences are shaped from the purpose of read of the speculation of rational selection, represented in figure one, we are able to state that, so as to grasp the consumers’ preferences, it’s necessary to work out their demands and wishes concerning the performance (functionality) concerned within the purchase, the expected emotional results, moreover because the subjective standards customers use to spot the tendency for a product or a service as against the others.Social media, a sort of online communication, has currently become a necessary a part of brand’s communication. In keeping with the 2015 State of selling Report, an internet survey conducted from Oct to November 2014, seventy of marketers attempt to increase payment on social media advertising and promoting, moreover as sixty seven of marketers on social media engagement.

These statistics indicate that corporations are moving additional toward social media platforms as core to promoting their business (Sales force: promoting Cloud, 2014).While being a robust means that of participating with the patron, social media pages of a complete got to be consistent in their giving, otherwise responses from customers is also perceived as muddle (Dunn, 2010). A complete has a necessary chance to create a relationship with the brand’s customers by learning what the brand’s customers do and facilitate them with issues in real time.Advantages of online complete PromotionThe tougher a corporation works on its disapproval and identity, in most cases, the additional awareness it creates. Maybe, Coca-Cola is understood worldwide for its product. A shopper will see it during a foreign county, with labeling during a foreign language and comprehend it could be a Coca-Cola product. The red color and form of the bottle is a direct trigger in several minds on the actual fact that the drink could be a Coca-Cola product. This can be disapproval and identity at its best.

The additional typically a client sees your complete within the marketplace, the additional typically he can think about it for purchase. If the complete and identity are really unbroken consistent, the client is additional seemingly to feel that the standard is consistent and to become a loyal follower of the complete. However, this implies that the merchandise should maintain a consistency that reflects the image moreover. Well-executed disapproval helps produce client loyalty by reinforcing the acquisition of merchandise within the consumer’s mind. For sporting product, a campaign centered on good shape and not on a selected product helps establish the complete as a frontrunner within the business for each previous and future customers.

Once the merchandise is related to a way of life, it keeps customers following similar goals returning. The beginning price of online promoting is simply a fraction of the thousands of bucks that telephone book, TV and radio ads price. maybe, you’ll be able to get a free listing on Google native that may be even as effective as expensive online telephone book ad.

Additionally, whereas ancient ads might solely last a brief time, a look engine improvement campaign will deliver long-run results. You’ll be able to additionally save cash with online Pay-Per-Click advertising wherever it’s straightforward to experiment with tiny ad volumes till you excellent your strategy so expand your promoting budget once you are assured of a positive sale come.When you place an advertisement within the newspaper or a magazine, it will be tough to assess the direct sales impact for your business. With online promoting, everything will be caterpillar-tracked and illustrated in elaborate graphs that illustrate traffic growth, leads and sales conversions from your specific search promoting campaigns.

Employing a free traffic analysis tool like Google Analytics, it’s straightforward to calculate you’re come on investment (ROI) therefore you’ll be able to appreciate the wonderful price generated from your online promoting budget. (To see however well your digital promoting programs are playacting these days, conduct a Digital promoting Audit.) Within the jammed market, you wish to determine and maintain positive complete awareness and consumer loyalty. With the exception of spoken and investing your personal relationships together with your established purchasers, an internet site is that the most vital promoting tool a business will have. an often updated web site with literate content that maintains individual’s interest is important to showing people specifically however your quick business funding is distinctive – and the way you supply the simplest price to your purchasers. The degree to that an internet promoting campaign will target and live the response from specific demographics and regions usually astonish to business house owners UN agency unremarkably use ancient media. New demographic prediction and online advertising platforms permit you to specifically target the particular shopper demographics possibly to shop for your product. above all, if you would like to focus on teens between the ages of 16-30, you will need an internet promoting strategy to achieve them wherever they pay the majority of their time: On the net and on social media sites.

With online promoting you don’t need to wait weeks to ascertain a major boost in your business. With a paid search promoting campaign you’ll be able to expertise time period results that modify you to fine-tune your promoting message to attain your required impact. If your promoting strategy is not operating effectively, time period observation tools permit you to simply pin-point specifically wherever you’re going wrong. Exploitation online promoting analytics and chase tools you’ll be able to take a look at conversion rates at a fraction of the price of a standard media campaign. Online promoting levels the taking part in field and permits savvy tiny businesses to vie in competitive niches that antecedently would solely be hospitable massive companies and their large promoting budgets. If your promoting strategy isn’t conveyance within the come on investment (ROI) that you simply need, you’ll be able to work to excellent it while not having to launch an upscale new campaign as would be needed with most ancient media retailers.

(Check out Smart’s P.A.C.E. Digital promoting Roadmap to find out additional regarding refinement methods.) The good thing about Associate in Nursing organic search promoting campaign that optimizes an internet site for specific keywords is that you simply can accomplish a long-run come on your investment.

Once your website’s visibility is well-established with search engines, it’s straightforward to try and do regular affordable maintenance of your strategy. The early adopters of latest online promoting platforms like social media promoting can have a major advantage over their competition. Today’s savvy customers wish to check reviews and opinions of friends, trust worthy bloggers and business specialists before they create a choice.

If you’ll be able to give quality, linkable data that’s what individuals are searching for, then consecutive step of changing users into paying purchasers will be terribly straightforward. With social media networks like Facebook and Twitter re-enforcing the worth of positive spoken exposure, trust is additional necessary than ever within the promoting field. Most savvy customers dislike intrusive ancient promoting ways like direct mailing, print ads and tv advertisements. Once somebody buys a newspaper or magazine, they need to browse fascinating articles not be bombarded with moot ads.

Whereas mediums like TV will still be helpful for maintaining awareness of enormous company brands, it’s not a good medium for many tiny and medium-size businesses. With online promoting, target customers exactly once they are finding out product and services that your business can give. Once individuals browse the newspaper or a magazine they’ll scan over the advertisements beside the article however there are no thanks to interact their attention. With online promoting you’ll be able to encourage them to require action, visit your web site and skim regarding your product and services which ends up in immensely accrued “stickiness” of your promoting message.INDUSTRY PROFILETo understand disapproval, it’s necessary to grasp what brands ar. A complete is that the plan or image of a selected product or service that customers connect with, by characteristic the name, logo, slogan, or style of the corporate United Nations agency owns the thought or image. Disapproval is once that concept or image is marketed in order that it’s recognizable by additional and additional individuals, and known with an explicit service or product once there are several alternative firms giving constant service or product. Advertising professionals work on disapproval not solely to make complete recognition, however conjointly to make smart reputations and a group of standards to that the corporate ought to attempt to keep up or surpass.

Disapproval is a crucial a part of net commerce, as disapproval permits firms to make their reputations likewise as expand on the far side the initial product and repair, and boost the revenue generated by the initial complete.When engaged on disapproval, or building complete, firms that are victimization websites and program optimization have a number of details to figure out before having the ability to make a flourishing complete. Coordinating domain names and complete names are a crucial a part of finding and keeping guests and shoppers, likewise as disapproval a brand new company.

Coordination of a site name and complete names lends identification to the thought or image of a selected product or service, that successively let’s guests simply discovery the new complete.Branding is additionally some way to make a crucial company plus, that may be a smart name. Whether or not a corporation has no name, or a below stellar name, disapproval will facilitate modification that. Disapproval will build AN expectation concerning the corporate services or product, and might encourage the corporate to keep up that expectation, or exceed them, transportation higher product and services to the market place.A disapproval agency may be a firm that makes a specialty of making and launching brands, and rebranding.

The role of a disapproval agency is to make, set up and manage disapproval ways for shoppers, together with support in advertising and alternative types of promotion. Disapproval is that the method of developing a company’s complete, together with name, identity system and electronic messaging platform. These aspects can cause the event of a “brand message”, applied to selling campaigns.

A complete represents a promise to the client, reflective the expectations they will have from the product and services offered, likewise because the giving distinction amongst the competitors.A disapproval agency permits organizations to realize competitive advantage, outline a coherent complete communication strategy, and to succeed in the target market and expand it. All structure sectors, together with non-public businesses, non-profit organizations, or government agencies, use disapproval agencies.

Organizations rent disapproval agencies to provide complete strategy and complete identity. Though disapproval agencies and advertising agencies overlap in some aspects, they need completely different scopes and focus.The distinction between these 2 agencies is between the strategy (branding) and techniques (advertising). Brands play AN integral role during a firm’s business strategy. The terms “company” and “brand” are typically used synonymously.

Advertising is targeted on the method that companies use to plug and communicate to existing and potential customers. A disapproval agency goes on the far side this scope, and while usually acting similar services to a standard ad agency, is concerned during a larger strategically method. Celebrity endorsement advantages each disapproval and advertising agencies, promoting them on social media, reminiscent of Instagram and Facebook. ‘Firms invest important monies in juxtaposing brands and organizations with endorser qualities reminiscent of attractiveness, likeability, and trustiness. They trust that these qualities operate during a transferable manner, and, can generate fascinating campaign outcomes’ (Journal of promoting management, volume fifteen 1999). Samples of celebrities that act as ambassadors for getting “likes” for Coca-Cola and L’Oreal are Selena Gomez and Cheryl Cole.In the previous few years the digital communications revolution has utterly reworked this balance of management.

The consumer’s voice has become louder and far additional public. Shoppers will publish their expertise of a complete and compare it with the expertise of others. The flexibility of a complete to retort to the current will have a profound result on the manner they’re perceived. It is also touching the categories of brand name that attain prominence. there’s even a thriving market in brands whose primary strategy is to champion the consumer’s voice, Trip adviser is one amongst the foremost notable (or notorious counting on your purpose of view) of those.Let’s come back to Coca-Cola in brief.

Once thirteen years of dominance in 2013 they were knocked off the highest spot in Inter brand’s authoritative listing of the leading a hundred world brands. The 2 brands that overtook it were indicative of the manner the planet has modified. At most wanted was Apple, and at variety 2 – Google. Each firm unmoving in technological innovation, however maybe additional significantly each brands that are focused on providing a product and services, that build people’s lives easier.Apple’s transformation from a pc manufacturer to a media big did not happen simply because of the introduction of the iPod and iPhone.

It happened as a result of they developed revolutionary new services around those product – iTunes and therefore the App Store. They thought terribly laborious concerning their client and what would build their life easier. While Google has begun to develop hardware product it’s complete is unmoving in its improbably common search service.Both those brands are decisively customer focused, and nice disapproval and responsive behavior allowed them to make the proper styles of connections with their customers to thrive.

Though eclipsed by the 2 technology giants on it specific chart, Coke too continues to use its complete clout to make the nearer connections with those that today’s communications landscape demands. A good example of that’s the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign they launched within the Summer of 2013, permitting individuals to shop for a bottle of Coke with their name on.Branding may be a manner of clearly light what makes your supply completely different to, and additional fascinating than, anyone else’s. Effective disapproval elevates a product or organization from being only one goods amongst several identical commodities, to become one thing with a novel character and promise.

It will produce AN emotional resonance within the minds of shoppers United Nations agency select product and services victimization each emotional and pragmatic judgments.Rachel’s Organic Butter, as an example, selected black for its packaging style therefore it might stand out from the standard yellow, gold and inexperienced colors (representing sunshine and fields) employed by challenger product. The result’s that the complete seems additional premium, distinctive and maybe even additional daring than its competitors. Individuals are typically willing to pay additional for a branded product than they’re for one thing that is basically unbranded. And a complete are often extended through a full vary of offers too.Tesco, as an example, began life as AN economy grocery and currently sells a large vary of product, from article of furniture to insurance.

however the same application of the Tesco complete attributes, reminiscent of simple access and low value, has allowed the business to maneuver into new market sectors while not dynamical its core complete identity. This clearly adds worth to the business however shoppers conjointly see additional worth within the new services because of their existing associations with the Tesco complete. Of course, this will add reverse too: if shoppers don’t just like the Tesco complete in one product space, they’re less seemingly to decide on the company’s supply in another product space.Apple’s original launch of the iPod, as an example, catapulted the corporate from maker to mass-market amusement complete, with iPod selling drawing heavily on people’s emotional relationship with their music. By stepping into music and film, Apple redefined what the corporate did and shifted its complete association to one thing that connects with larger numbers of individuals outside computing or artistic community. They continued this shift with introduction of the iPhone, iPad and App Store transportation transportable computing and its software package into thought shopper culture. In doing that the complete has become additional and additional entwined on the lives of shoppers creating it improbably powerful.CHAPTER 2REVIEW OF LITERATURE ANDREASREACH DESIGNREVIEW OF LITERATURE AND GAPSBrand communication constitutes changing or forming perceptions that the target market has about the brand and activities thereof (Cambridge, 2015).

Through the use of integrated marketing communication (IMC), a company can use promotional tools to create widespread brand exposure (O’Guinn, Allen ; Semenik, 2013). These range from advertising, sales promotions, direct marketing, personal selling as the traditional methods, and now moving into social media, blogs, podcasts and branded entertainment. Companies need to use these tools to communicate the attributes of the brand and to ensure the consumer knows what products and services the company offers. IMC is also used to identify the customer target market and pinpoint what promotional tools to use that will have the most effectiveness (O’Guinn, et al., 2013). As the business environment is becoming increasingly competitive and moving more digital, brands need to pay special attention to communicating its identity, image and reputation (Vernuccio, 2014).

An exploratory study conducted by Maria Vernuccio (2014) sought to identify strategic approaches in communicating a brand through social media, where it was discovered that while it is indeed effective, businesses have characterised this new form of media as cautious (Vernuccio, 2014). The hesitation of businesses using this new media are from an approach to brand building that has not changed; indicating an older point of view rather than viewing social media as an opportunity of high potential to enhance interactivity and openness. It was suggested to expand the range of social media used, as well as to include many more stakeholders in the dialogue.There are a growing number of brands that are performing well on social media, and these need to be analysed in order to identify key areas that a brand needs to implement in their social media strategies to be successful and more engaging.

Some international brands include Lego, KFC, Coca-Cola, and Burger King These brands are considered best practice brands due to their outstanding success and engagement with the consumer on social media platforms, according to Digital Insights company BlueHornet. Nigel Hollis (2013), Chief Global Analyst of Millward Brown, conducted a study to identify the characteristics of successful Facebook brands and discovered that while a brand may not be the largest or oldest, they are achieving social media success due to their distinctive positioning that sets them apart (Hollis, 2013). This is an important indicator for brands not performing as successfully as the industry leaders, as they need to position themselves in a unique way, focusing on providing excellent service and customer satisfaction in order to draw more customers on social media, and consequently, assist in the success of the growing brand.

Loyalty is an important concept in marketing strategy and as Aaker said the brand loyalty is the center core of brand equity. Loyalty caused costumers spent less time for seeking information. In 1992, Solomon showed that loyalty-based buying decisions might turn into a habit and this may be resulted from current brand equity. The loyal customers would have benefit for an organization in the reducing costs and implementing its works (Rundle and Bennet, 2001). Moreover, loyalty can get a chance to company to react against threats such as competition because as consumers become loyal to a brand they become less sensitive to a price increase because of the product’s ability to satisfy their needs (Graham et al, 1994). Brand awareness is recalled brand memorization power in customer’s mind. There are four types of brand awareness: A) High mental awareness, B) Brand reminding, C) Brand recognition, D) Unawareness (Bumm and Gon Kim, 2005). The role of brand awareness depends on the level of awareness achieved.

In the higher awareness level buying the possibility of considering brand and the effect of awareness on buying decision are increased (Rundle and Bennet, 2001).Perceived quality is the customer’s judgment about a product’s overall quality or superiority of one goods or service in comparison with customer’s tendency to its substitutions (Simon and Sullivan, 1993). For understanding perceived quality, recognizing and measuring main dimensions will be useful.

But perceived quality is a world structure and a summary. The brand is linked with customer’s perceived quality; a perception which is only shows overall quality and is not necessarily in concern with its trivial characteristics. High quality could be a base for developing the domain of brand (Farquhar et al, 1991). Dependents are made a basis for loyalty and buying decision. Dependents could be made value by below ways: process/information recovering and distinction are the reasons for buying brand and making positive feeling and vision. Also, they are basis for developing brand’s domain (Hosseini and Rahimi, 2007).

According to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) (2013), there are a basic set of do’s and don’ts in social media that brands should implement in their social media strategy. Brands need to listen and observe communications related to the brand, its competitors and the industry as a whole. The social media strategy must be integrated with the brand’s overall objectives to ensure that the correct message is being communicated consistently (Chartered Institute of Public Relations, 2013). The CIPR (2013) suggests that brands should not be making their audience feel uncomfortable with images, and updates, and criticising people, which can deter the customers from engaging with the brand.

Use of analytics to measure and track social media success is important in order to build on the previous year’s following and therefore to ensure continued success for the brand (Socialbakers, 2015). There are a lot of definitions for brand equity, but we point some significant definition which is derived from several articles: A. Brand equity is a set of assets and commitments linked to a brand’s name and symbol that adds to (or subtracts from) the value provided by a product or service to a firm and/or that firm’s customers (Aaker, 1991; Aaker, 1996).

B. Brand equity is the differential effect of brand recognition on consumer response to the marketing of that brand (Keller, 1993). C.

Brand equity is a power that a brand may have achieved it in a market because of its name, sign and logo (Farquhar, 1989). Brands need to understand the importance of their social media, as following and understand that social media is a powerful resource for innovation. Using social media in an innovative and effective way can even combat negative perceptions about the brand, communicate their values and illustration their position on the issue (McCulloch, 2015). The 2015 State of Marketing Report published by Sales force shows key points that brands can innovate their social media offering, varying from the use of mobile applications and mobile marketing, the use of marketing analytics to identify key points of engagement with the consumer, as well as customer relationship management tools that track the history of customer interactions. This results in a brand’s positive reputation and increased interaction, new customers and results in restored brand equity. Brand names become more important online in some categories but not in others depending on the extent of information available to consumers. Brand name is more valuable when information on fewer attributes is available online (Alexandru M Degeratu, International journal of research in marketing). Attribution theorists, starting with Heider (1958), have found that observers attribute another person’s behavior to intrinsic or dispositional qualities rather than to situational factors, even when the behavior easily could be explainable by the latter.

This phenomenon, called the “fundamental attribution error” (or “correspondent inference theory”; Jones and Davis 1965), predicts that consumers attribute promotional behavior to the disposition of the brand rather than industry characteristics. Thus, because consumers are more likely to attribute promotions to brand-related (versus industry-related) factors and because these factors are typically negative, offering a promotion should affect brand evaluations unfavorably. A main topic being studied involving social media as a marketing tool is Virtual Brand Communities (VBC). “VBC can be described as aggregations of consumers that occur on the internet because of their interest in some brand or product” (Muniz and O’Guinn as cited in Georgi and Mink 2012, 3). Specifically, a brand community is a group of people who share the same interest in a particular brand or product (Casaló, Favián and Guinalíu 2008). Overall, VBC’s are “the sites of complex brand meaning creation and consumption efforts” (Muñiz and Jensen Schau, 2007).

Casaló, Favián and Guinalíu (2008) found when a member is trusting of the VBC that they are part of, it increases their amount of participation, and consumers who have a positive participation experience are more loyal to the brand. Trust is a central aspect to guarantee the VBC’s survival. Cha (2009) concludes that security is a major factor affecting a consumer’s opinions toward social networking sites and can ultimately impact trust. Since VBCs depend on individual users’ participation, both group unity and awareness can strengthen users’ satisfaction with a VBC (Casaló, Favián and Guinalíu 2008). The study done by Casaló, Favián and Guinalíu (2008) demonstrates the powerful sway VBC and an online interaction between consumers can have on their buying behavior. Studies also found that within these VBCs many new forms of social interactions are taking place such as Electronic Consumer to Consumer Interaction (eCCI), which are interactions between consumers of e-services (Georgi and Mink 2012). The chance to mingle with other people is a fundamental part of the consumer experience and social networking sites have become a way in which consumers can interact with one another and retailers (Georgi and Mink 2012). Because of eCCI, consumers are playing a more dominant role in influencing each other with their consumption decisions.

Georgi and Mink (2012) came up with the concept of electronic consumer to consumer interaction quality (eCCIq). They found that seven factors contribute to the success of eCCIq. These include content, security, hedonic (meaning the emotional aspects of consumers’ interactions with products), quality, atmosphere, convenience, and social. An example of eCCI (which is any interaction between consumers of e-services) is when a consumer posts a question about the fit or color of a product displayed online and another consumer answers the question. This eCCI event would presumably be of high quality if the question is answered by another consumer quickly, correctly, and in a friendly manner. This example of an interaction between consumers involves some of the factors associated with eCCIq such as social and convenience, thus making it an eCCIq occurrence. Consumers feel more engaged with products and companies when they have the option to submit feedback (Mangold and Faulds 2009). Accordingly, it is important for retailers to be aware of the quality of their social media presence even when consumers are the creators of their marketing because it is increasingly influencing how consumers shop.

Companies need to be aware of the variety of factors that affect their social media presence such as a consumer’s social identity online. Some VBC research focused on the concept of social identity and group norms as an aspect that strongly influences online groups’ buying behavior. The nature and culture of social media groups affect the ways members of such groups interpret and attach meaning to brands and products (Muñiz and Jensen Schau, 2007).

Group norms represent the set of shared goals, beliefs, and values that the group members follow. Social identity refers to the values and beliefs that influence group related behavior (Zeng, Huang, and Dou 2009). Community members within a strong social group were more likely to have group intentions to accept advertising in online communities (Zeng, Huang, and Dou 2009). For instance, if a Facebook group is centered on luxury brands, then ads pertaining to high-end products are more relevant to members of the VBC. Some members consume ads more easily by accepting the meanings in which they contain, while others interpret the ads by attaching meaning to the brand represented based on their own experiences (Muñiz and O’Guinn as cited in Muñiz and Jensen Schau, 2007). Moreover, VBC members value ads that are relevant to the theme of their community.

Muñiz and Jensen Schau (2007) found advertising and branding produce discouragement of the intended meaning of the ad in order to serve the meaning of the distinct group, in this circumstance the brand community. A VBC can alter or manipulate the true meaning of an ad by the way it displays or uses an ad for branding. Many times VBC’s change the meaning of an ad by the way it is presented on the community forum. A VBC can alter an ad to conform to the theme of its community, therefore the ads true meaning gets lost.

An individual’s identity within social media combined with the social community’s customs affects the way in which people perceive ads presented on social media. Community customs can be affected by users’ cultural backgrounds as well. NEED FOR THE STUDYThe purpose of this study is to recognize those factors which effect consumer preference of online presence of brand with reference to Arokee Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd.STATEMENT OF PROBLEMThis study focuses on the customer preference on online presence of brands.

Do the customers depend on the online presence of brands for the purchasing decision? Is it helping the customers to gain the attention of brands?OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY1. To understand customers affinity towards online presence of brands.2.

To analyze the impact of online presence of brands on the purchase decisions of customers.3. To compare and contrast offline and online presence of brands.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research Design: Descriptive Research DATA COLLECTIONPrimary Sources: Structured questionnaire (Close ended questionnaire) would be circulated to customers for taking response on their preference about online presence of brand. Personal interviews Secondary Sources: Company Profile InternetSAMPLING:Population of the study: Customers of 6 brands of Activestreet, Toprankers, i2GEN, Apparel resource, Modwedding, and The happy wanderer.

Sampling Type : Probability SamplingSampling technique : Simple Random sampling Sample size : 60TOOLS FOR DATA COLLECTION:Structured Questionnaire PLAN OF ANALYSISPercentage analysisCHAPTER 3PROFILE OF THE SELECTEDORGANIZATION AND RESPONDENTSCOMPANY PROFILEArokee Online Solutions Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 13 July 2016. It is classified as Non-government Company. Arokee Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the creative Word press User Experience design company in Bangalore creating online experiences Simple, well-designed and significant. Its authorized share capital is Rs.100,000 and its paid up capital is Rs.

100,000. It is involved in other computer related activities for example maintenance of websites of other firms/ creation of multimedia presentations for other firms etc.Arokee Online Solutions Private Limited’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was last held on N/A and as per records from Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Directors of Arokee Online Solutions Private Limited are Swetha Atmakuri, Kuderu Saleem Basha and Madhu Sudhan Dadipeneni.Arokee Online Solutions Private Limited’s Corporate Identification Number is (CIN) U72900KA2016PTC094943 and its registration number is 94943.Its Email address is [email protected]

Arokee Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Basic FactsFounded 13 July 2016Founder Madhu Sudhan Dadipeneni.Headquarters BangaloreArea Served WorldwideKey People Swetha Atmakuri, Kuderu Saleem Basha and Madhu Sudhan Dadipeneni Services UX designWeb developmentE-commerce SolutionsWord Press maintenanceNumber of employees 10Slogan We create online experiences Simple, Elegant and Relevant.Website www.arokee.

comThey help the customers to make the right decision. Be it content, Design, Technology, Scalability or Digital Marketing. They will be with the customers all the way. They help to simplify complex design ideas with practical UI. Their focus is to create designs that are easy to use while fulfilling your specific business needs. They are passionate about what they do and our work is a reflection of what they believe.

They design, develop and manage websites combining their efforts in aiding their clients with the best of the web- technical and aesthetics.Online Presence being an integral part of any organization – they at Arokee assume the managers – managing the web woes. From design to development to after-sale support, their team of seasoned professionals is capable of living up-to any challenges thrown at the customers. At Arokee – They believe in partnering with the clients in their success and towards this cause, emphasis is given on aligning themselves with their clients vision.

At Arokee, they do collaboration. It enables a two way communication vital for the success of the project undertaken. They prioritize all their projects – taking into account factors that will help their customers be relevant. Further on they make recommendations that will deliver measurable and meaningful results for their clients whilst also providing great experiences for their audiences all their projects, large or small, begin here. They can only really help a client when they truly understand not just the brief but also – who their clients are and what makes them tick.They create pleasing designs that are practical ; functional whilst ensuring their customer’s requisites are met. Functional designs aid in user engagement while effectively communicating with the user.

They thrive in UX and they like to keep it simple. Their expertise thrives on the customer’s business requirements whilst compromising vast graphical elements as well as the necessary functional solutions. Websites are predominantly the first touch point for the brand and its customers. They create Word Press websites offering effective round-the-clock services to optimize the user’s online experience whilst allowing to comfortably administering the site.

They create high quality e-store solutions for their customers that are user-friendly and easy to administer. In addition to e-shops, they also add a payment gateways so the customers have the option to make all purchases conveniently. They offer: ? Creating tailored e-stores (WooCommerce)? Integrating CRM, business and accounting softwares? Developing reservation and booking systems? Developing ecommerce stores (WooCommerce)? Building WordPress plugins and scripts? Responsive websites (for tablets and smartphones)PROFILE OF THE RESPONDENTS:AGETable 1.1AGE (in years) RESPONDENTS20-30 2530-40 4540-50 2050-60 10Graph 1.

2Description :Above table indicates most of the customers of the sample size are in the age group of 30-40(in years).GenderTable 2.1GENDER RESPONDENTSMALE 75FEMALE 25Graph 2.

2DESCRIPTION:The above table indicates that most of the customers of the sample size are Male.MARITAL STATUS:Table 3.1MARITAL STATUS RESPONDENTSMARRIED 70UNMARRIED 30Graph 3.2DESCRIPTION Most of the customers of the sample size are married. INCOME :Table 4.1INCOME/YEAR (in lakhs) RESPONDENTSRs.

1-5 20Rs.5-10 65More than 10 15Graph 4.2DESCRIPTION Most of the customers INCOME/YEAR (in lakhs) in the Income group of Rs. 5 lakh – Rs. 10 lakh.CHAPTER 4DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATIONHow often do you use these social media platforms?Table 1Customer Response Number of Respondents PercentageDaily 40 67Weekly 20 33Monthly 0 0Analysis:67% of the customers prefer to use the social media platform daily.

33% of the customers prefer to use the social media platform weeklyGraph 1.1:Inference:This question is meant to know the customer’s interest to use the social media. Which social media platform do you use more?Table 2Customer Response Number of Respondents PercentageWhatsApp 21 35Facebook 17 28Instagram 13 22LinkedIn 9 15Analysis:35% of the customers have been using WhatsApp for the last one year. 28% of the customers have been using Facebook for the last one year.

22% and 15% of the customers are using Instagram and LinkedIn respectively. Graph 2.1Inference:This question is meant to know the use of online application of the customers. Do you buy only branded products?Table 3:Customers Response Number of Respondents PercentageYes 42 70No 18 30Analysis:70% of the customers buy only branded products and 30% of the customers buy only branded products.Graph 3.1Inference:This question is to understand the use of branded products by the customers and comes to know that most of the customers only use branded products.Did your purchase decision depend on the online advertisements of the brands?Table 4:Customers Response Number of Respondents PercentageYes 40 67No 20 33Analysis:67% of the customer’s purchase decision depends on the online brand advertisement. 33% of the customer’s purchase decision did not depend on the online brand advertisement.

Graph 4.1Inference:This question is to understand the purchasing decision of customer’s regarding the online brand advertisement.When is the last purchase you did by seeing online advertisement?Table 5Customer Response Number of Respondents Percentage0-3 months 25 424-6 months 32 537-12 months 3 5Analysis:42% of the customers buy products online in 0-3 months. 53% of the customers buy product online in 4-6 months and 5% of the customers buy products online in 7-12 months.Graph 5.1: InferenceThis is to understand the intervals that the customers buy products online. Are you aware about the online promotional activities adopted by your brand?Table 6Customer Response Number of Respondents PercentageYes 49 82No11 18Analysis:82% of the customers have seen the online promotional activities of the brands and 18% did not.Graph 6.

1:Inference:This question is to understand the awareness of the customers towards their brand promotional activities.How often have you seen this online advertisement of brand in the past month?Table 7Customer Response Number of Respondents Percentage0-10 days 29 4811- 20 days 16 2721-31 days 15 25Analysis:48% of the customers have seen the online advertisement of brand in 0-10 days. 27% of the customers have seen the online advertisement of brand in 11-20 days and 25% of the customers have seen the online advertisement of brand in 21-31 days.Graph 7.1:Inference:This question is to understand the number of customers who seen the advertisements recently.Are you satisfied with the online brand promotion of the company?Table 8Customer response Number of Respondents PercentageYes 50 83No 10 17Analysis:83% of the customers are satisfied with the online brand promotion of the company. 17% of the customers are satisfied with the online brand promotion of the company.Graph 8.

1:Inference:From this analysis I came to know that most of the Respondents are satisfied with the online promotions of brands by the company.What would you say, is the main message of this online promotion advertisement?Table 9Customer response Number of Respondents PercentageJust trying to sell the product 26 43Entice people to try the product 15 25Big discounts, cheaper than the competition 11 17Product is of high quality 9 15Analysis :43% of the customers say that the main message of the online promotions is just to sell the products. 23% of the customers say that the main message of the online promotions is to drag the people to try the product. 17% and 15% of the customers say that the main message of the online promotions is for big discounts than the competition and the product is of high quality respectively.Graph 9.1:Inference:This question is meant to know the perception of customer towards the online brand advertisement.Do you like to post photos and videos to communicate with your favorite brands?Table 10Customer response Number of Respondents PercentageYes 33 55No 27 45Analysis:55% of the customers like to post the photos and videos to communicate with their favorite brand.

45% of the customers like to post the photos and videos to communicate with their favorite brand.Graph 10.1Inference:By the result of this question we come to know about the customer interest to post photos and videos to communicate with their favorite brand. Can online branding really help you to understand the product?Table 11Customer Response Number of Respondents PercentageYes 35 58N025 42Analysis:58% of the customers say that online branding really helps them to understand the product. 42% of the customers say that online branding did not helps them to understand the product.Graph 11.

1Inference:This question is prepared to know whether the online branding really help them to understand the product. Most of the customers understand the product through online branding.What’s your opinion on Brand Ambassador of any product? Table 12Customer Response Number of Respondents PercentageVery necessary 50 83Not necessary 10 17Waste of money for the company 0 0Analysis:83% of customers opinion is that brand ambassador is very necessary for any product but 17% of the customers opinion is that brand ambassador is not necessary.

Graph 12.1:Inference:Most of the respondents think that the Brand Ambassadors full filled the purpose and were able to increase the sales of the products.Which social media platform helps you to find more brands?Table 13Customer Response Number of Respondents PercentageFacebook 30 50Instagram 10 17WhatsApp 15 25Twitter 5 8Analysis:50% of the customers say that Facebook helps them to find more brands. 17% of the customers say that Instagram helps them to find more brands. 25% of the customers say that WhatsApp helps them to find more brands and 8% of the customers say that Twitter helps them to find more brands.

Graph 13.1: InferenceMost of the respondents say that Facebook helps them to understand about ore brands.Does every company really need online branding?Table 14Customer response Number of Respondents PercentageYes 55 92No 5 8Analysis:92% of the customers agree that every company need online promotion and branding. 8% of the customers agree that every company did not need online promotion and branding.Graph 14.1Inference:Most of the respondents think that every company need online branding and promotion.Which type of marketing promotion is going to help the customer more in future to understand the products?Table 15Customer Response Number of Respondents PercentageOnline Branding 40 67TV Advertisement 10 17Newspaper 5 8Word of mouth 5 8Analysis:67% of the customer says that s. 17% of the customer says that in future TV advertisement will help them to understand the products.

8% of the customer says that in future Newspaper will help them to understand the products. 8% of the customer says that in future word of mouth will help them to understand the products.Graph 15: Inference:This question helps to understand the customer’s mind on future marketing promotions.Would you consider yourself loyal to any specific brand?Table 16Customer Response Number of Respondents PercentageYes 40 67No 20 33Analysis:67% of the customers agree that they are loyal to their brands and 33% are not.Graph 16.

1 Inference:This question is to understand the mindset of people towards their brand. Do you think online presence of brand is worth?Table 17Customer Response Number of Respondents PercentageYes 44 73No 16 27Analysis:73% of the customer thinks online presence of brand is worth and 27% of the customer thinks online presence of brand is not worth.Graph 17:Inference:From this analysis we understood that online promotion is worth full.

Do you agree that having an online presence of brands should be a top priority for business today?Table 18:Customer response Number of Respondents PercentageYes 60 100No 0 0Analysis:100% of the customers say that having an online presence should be a top priority for business today.Graph 18.1 Inference:From this question we can clearly understand that everyone says that having an online brand promotion is very important and useful to the customers and companies.Did you ever end up having a negative perception of a brand because of its social media page?Table 19Customer response Number of Respondents PercentageYes 15 25No 45 75Analysis:25% of the customers say that they have a negative perception of a brand because of its social media page. 75% of the customers did not have a negative perception of a brand because of its social media pageGraph 19.

1 Inference:From this question we can understand that some of the customers end up their experience on the online brand perception in a negative way.Do you have any brand application in your phone?Table 20Customer response Number of Respondents PercentageYes 50 83No 10 17Analysis:50% of the customers have the brand applications on their phone and 10% did not have.Graph 20.

1 Inference:From this question we can understand that most of the customers have their brand applications on phone.FINDINGSMost of the customers prefer to use the social media platform daily.WhatsApp is the mostly used application by the customer.70% of the customers buy only branded products.Most of the customer’s purchase decision depends on the online brand advertisement.Many of the customers buy products online in 4-6 months.Online promotion helps the customer to know the promotional activities done by the brands.The online branding done by the companies are satisfying.

The main message of the online promotions is just to sell the product.Many of the customers like to post the photos and videos to communicate with their favorite brand.Online branding really helps customers to understand the product.

Customer’s opinion is that brand ambassador is very necessary for any product.Every company needs online promotion and branding.In future online branding will help to understand the products.100% of the customers say that having an online presence should be a top priority for business today.

The customers did not have a negative perception of a brand because of its social media page.CONCLUSIONMore and a lot of businesses understand the importance and also the demand of getting their business on-line. Being well pictured on-line may be a necessary a part of turning into productive in most industries. Technology and on-line choices are moving at such a fast pace, if you haven’t engineered up your presence.

Irrespective of however little or massive or what business you belong to, having these important elements will facilitate your business is found by anyone, anyplace and at any given time.When a corporation appearance to determine itself within the marketplace, it typically turns to stigmatization to assist. The thought of stigmatization and identity is to make a glance and feel forthwith diagnosable and recognizable within the marketplace. Sensible stigmatization will increase the worth of the merchandise and also the company itself. A company’s identity within the marketplace will simply create or break its profit as an entire. Virtually each business encompasses a mercantilism name, from the tiniest market merchant to the biggest multi-national corporation.

Solely a minority of these businesses but, have what may well be classed as a whole. Stigmatization is that the method of making distinctive and sturdy perceptions within the minds of customers. A whole may be a persistent, distinctive business identity tangled with associations of temperament, quality, origin, feeling and a lot of. Though the majority associate brands with massive corporations, the tiniest of enterprises will use stigmatization techniques with nice rewards.Now a Days websites are terribly necessities and it’s terribly potential to succeed in a wider audiences.

Net has used as daily routine in day to day activities, and net is employed by millions and billions folks across the world. Customers and finish users invariably have a fast read to envision what services you offer. While not having a web site you cannot promote your business and reach to wider audiences. It not obligatory to the users to be just about you, they’ll be anyplace however they’ll would like your service. The most important Advantage of getting a web site you’ll promote your business anyplace, no ought to work around the clock however your web site twenty four hours 7 days and twelve months of a year can do the work for you.Recent survey says folks use net over phone to analysis concerning business before visiting the situation or they primarily would like to understand the name of the corporate, clientele, partners and folks conjointly prefer to check the review and ratings of the corporate. Having a website can cut back the value on printing broachers as a result of website can have all the information’s that you prefer gift your customer? You’ll have business or non-commercial web site.

While not your web site or an online presence there are probabilities of lacking the nice fortune to popularize your business or increase your consumer information.SUGGESTIONSIncrease the online Presence.Having an internet site to start out off with is that the opening move and equally having an internet site that’s branded properly, simple to navigate, logical flow of knowledge, juicy content, profile and web site map square measure just a few of things that square measure required.The web site must be engineered with computer program improvement practices in mind.Blogs offer a good platform for you to have interaction along with your customers online (New and Potential) and connect/inspire your readers with great data. BIBLIOGRAPHYBooksRundle.

The. ; R. Benett(2001)., “A Brand for All seasons. J product and brand management”. Vol 10-No1-2001.Shocker, A.

D., Srivastava, R.K. and Ruckert, R.W. (1994), ”Challenges and opportunities facing brand management: an introduction to the special issue”, Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 31, pp.

149-58.Wood.l, (2000) “Brands and brand equity: definition and management” , Management Decision, Vol. 38 Iss: 9, pp.662 – 669Journal articlesAlexandru M Degeratu, International journal of research in marketing, 31st march 2000.Casaló, Luis V.

, Flavián Carlos, and Miguel Guinalíu. 2008. “Promoting Consumer’s Participation in Virtual Brand Communities: A New Paradigm in Branding Strategy.” Journal of Marketing Communications 14: 19-36.Websites”The power of branding”. Design Council. Retrieved 2015-11-02.

The Advantages ; Disadvantages of Branding ; Identity by Lynn Lauren; Updated April 05, 2018http://www.articlealley.com/ANNEXURESSURVEY QUESTIONNAIREDear Sir/Madam,Myself Arun Raveendran M, MBA student at Koshys Institute of Management Studies is doing dissertation on the topic “A STUDY ON CUSTOMER PREFERENCE OF ONLINE PRESENCE OF BRANDS WITH REFERENCE TO AROKEE ONLINE PVT.

LTD.”. Hence I request you to provide me your inputs through this questionnaire. This data will be used only for academic purpose.Name:Age (in years): 20-3030-40 40-50 50-60 Gender: Male Female Marital Status: Married Unmarried Income (P.M) : 1-5 5.1-10 10.

1-15 (Rupees in Lakhs)How often do you use these social media platforms?DailyWeeklyMonthlyWhich social media platform do you use more?WhatsAppFacebookInstagramLinkedInDo you buy only branded products?YesNoDid your purchase decision depend on the online advertisements of the brands?YesNoWhen is the last purchase you did by seeing online advertisement?0-3 months4-6 months7-12 monthsAre you aware about the online promotional activities adopted by your brand?YesNoHow often have you seen this online advertisement of brand in the past month?0-10 days11-20 days21-31 daysAre you satisfied with the online brand promotion of the company?YesNoWhat would you say, is the main message of this online promotion advertisement?Just trying to sell the productEntice people to try the productBig discounts, cheaper than the competitionProduct is of high qualityDo you like to post photos and videos to communicate with your favourite brands?YesNoCan online branding really help you to understand the product?YesNoWhat’s your opinion on Brand Ambassador of any product? Very NecessaryNot NecessaryWaste of money for the companyWhich social media platform helps you to find more brands?FacebookInstagramWhatsAppTwitterDoes every company really need online branding?YesNoWhich type of marketing promotion is going to help the customer more in future to understand the products?Online brandingTV advertisementsNewspaperWord of mouthWould you consider yourself loyal to any specific brand?YesNoDo you think online presence of brand is worth?YesNoDo you agree that having an online presence of brands should be a top priority for business today?YesNoDid you ever end up having a negative perception of a brand because of its social media page?YesNoDo you have any brand application in your phone?YesNoMBA DissertationPROGRESS REPORT FROM 24/04/2018 TO 14/05/2018Sl. No. Particulars  1 Name of the Student ARUN RAVEENDRAN M2 Registration Number 16M9CMD0143 Name of College Guide PRIYANKA MNK4 Name  and contact no of the Co-Guide/External Guide (Corporate) JESWANTHMOB:+9197479102565 Title of the Dissertation A STUDY ON THE CUSTOMER PREFERENCE OF ONLINE BRAND PRESENCE WITH REFERENCE TO AROKEE ONLINE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.

 6 Name and Address of the Company/Organization where dissertation undertaken with Date of starting Dissertation AROKEE ONLINE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.                                                NO.103, SIDDARTHA SECRENITY DUO ENCLAVE LAYOUT KODICHIKKANAHALLI, BILEKAHALLI BANGALORE.

24th APRIL 20187 Progress report : A brief note reflecting ,Number of meeting with Guides, places visited, libraries visited, books referred, meeting with persons, activities taken up, preparations done for collection and analysis of data etc.,)  The final 20 days of my dissertation work is informative as I prepared questionnaire and contacted the selected customers. Manager of Operations and marketing department helped me to contact the customers and to interact with them. I had given the questionnaires and interviewed the selected customers.During these days I have finished first three chapters of report.MBA DissertationPROGRESS REPORT FROM 14/05/2018 TO 31/05/2018Sl.

No. Particulars  1 Name of the Student ARUN RAVEENDRAN M2 Registration Number 16M9CMD0143 Name of College Guide PRIYANKA MNK4 Name  and contact no of the Co-Guide/External Guide (Corporate) JESWANTHMOB:+9197479102565 Title of the Dissertation A STUDY ON THE CUSTOMER PREFERENCE OF ONLINE BRAND PRESENCE WITH REFERENCE TO AROKEE ONLINE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. 6 Name and Address of the Company/Organization where dissertation undertaken with Date of starting Dissertation AROKEE ONLINE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.                                                NO.103, SIDDARTHA SECRENITY DUO ENCLAVE LAYOUT KODICHIKKANAHALLI, BILEKAHALLI BANGALORE.24th APRIL 20187 Progress report : A brief note reflecting ,Number of meeting with Guides, places visited, libraries visited, books referred, meeting with persons, activities taken up, preparations done for collection and analysis of data etc.,)  The final 17 days of my dissertation work is informative as I collected the questionnaires from the selected customers. Data analysis was done and conclusion is made.During these days I have finished the project. 


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