EXECUTIVE market leader by using different Total quality

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe company we have chosen for the study of Total Quality Management and its tools and techniques is Samsung and we are focusing its electronic business. Samsung electronics is a multinational company that provides the variety of electronic and IT solution the Main objective of Samsung is to inspire the world with their advanced and modern technologies, products and designs that raise people’s standard of living and be a factor for social prosperity by creating a new future. For decades, Samsung is improving its technologies day by day to be the market leader by using different Total quality management strategies. The electronic industry is demanding for products that are smaller lighter cheaper better than previous.

Although they suffers a lot to meet the market requirement and maintain the quality but the cope up with them successfully by implementing different Total Quality Management methodologies. The long term strategies of the company are to focus the source of material. Here we demonstrate few of the problems that are faced by Samsung electronics and the methods and techniques to improve these problems. Samsung provide constantly improving products to the market with brand new technologies often first seen in their flagship smartphone models. Samsung’s continuous improvement implementation strategy is mainly based on production. Continuously developing the employees and spurring creativity, creating a more effective workforce.

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?HISTORYSamsung is one of the world’s largest company that produces electronic goods. Samsung is the South Korea’s largest business group. It produces about fifth of South Korea’s total exports. Samsung was founded on March 1, 1938, by Lee Byung-Chull as a grocery trading store. Initially Samsung was the company which trade noodles and other goods and export them to china and its provinces. Within a decade Samsung had flour mills and confectionary machines and become a co-operation in 1951.From 1958 onwards Samsung began to expand into other industries such as financial, media, chemical and ship building throughout 1970s. In 1969 Lee establishes Samsung Electronics with the help of Sanyo.

It produces inexpensive TVs, microwave ovens and other consumer products for Western companies such as Sears and General Electric. In 1983the company starts the production of personal computers. In 1987 Lee’s son, Lee Kun-hee, take charges of Samsung. Then in 1988 Samsung Semiconductor and Telecommunications mingles with Samsung Electronics. Till 2012 Samsung Electronics becomes world’s one of the best mobile phone-maker company VISIONSamsung’s vision is to inspire the world and create the future.MISSIONSamsung’s mission is to inspire the world with their advanced and modern technologies, products and designs that raise people’s lives and be a factor for social prosperity by creating a new future and create the future ?PRODUCTS TOTAL QAUALITY MANAGEMENT BASISThe basic concept of total quality management, TQM is that it is a customer focused strategy aimed to produce high quality products or services.

In order to meet customer’s expectations an organization must adopt these principles:Official Management:Top administration should go about as the principle driver for TQM and make a domain that guarantees its prosperity Employee Involvement:Representatives ought to be urged to be expert dynamic in recognizing and tending to quality related issues.Continuous improvement:It is not just a fix a problem and the job is done. Produce quality work for the first time.

Companies should continuously work towards for improving in production, quality and in manufacturing also.Decision making: The quality decision should be made based on measurement. Fact based decision making is very important.Communications: Communications required across the organization. Inside or outside communication is very worthy for the organization.

Focus on the customer:Focuses on customer is very important for the company and always focus on customer retention. Improvements in quality should improve customer satisfactionISSUSESThe company faced two types of issues the first one is internal and second is external.INTERNAL:Internal failure issues that company faced while maintaining the quality of products in between the manufacturing process. Samsung’s reduces these issues by using quality circle and by process re-engineering. Make active use off customer feedback to improve its products and customer services.

The design, planning and product quality is very important for the company in internally through this we initially deals with these things.The problems in this company were group in two areas:First by resources and the second is by operational tasks, resource problem are related to operational task problem and both problems effect on market that’s give the company bad impression.Problems of implementing TQM:RESOURCES PROBLEMS OPERATIONAL PROBLEMS• Material • People• Machine • Production• Maintenance• Quality controlEXTERNAL:External failure issues associated with the quality problem that occurs at the customer side. These failure particularly damaging tangible and intangible resources of company, such as stock failure as tangible cost and Goodwill, market reputation, brand image are intangible cost that bear by company.The Korean electronics giant released the Galaxy Note7 smartphone in August. By September, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Samsung offered customers refunds or replacement Note7 phones that were supposed to be explosion-proof.But less than a month later, reports is shows on that even the replacement phones were exploding; Samsung has stopped the Notes 7’s production and sales and asked everyone to return all the phones.

Airlines have banned the phone from planes entirely. Samsung is in big trouble so because of this the Samsung Company lost so much value in market. Things getting worse and out of control


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