Evolution what it is today (Kovner, Knickman,

Evolution of the American Health Care System
Evolution of the American Health Care System
Evolution in the American health care system has been attributed to the development of the healthcare system across the globe. Diversification of the healthcare needs has also been responsible for the evolution of the American healthcare system where new healthcare needs require different healthcare approaches (Kovner, Knickman, & Jonas, 2016). The advancement in technology has enabled the healthcare system to adopt current technologies to enable effective provision of healthcare to the citizens of the United States. The traditional perspective of the healthcare system focused on addressing chronic illnesses instead of focusing on improving the health status of the whole body (Kovner, Knickman, & Jonas, 2016). However as time went on, more specialized care was developed which involved allied health professionals who could focus and concentrate on specific areas of patient care.
This perspective influenced the evolution of the United States healthcare delivery system to what it is today (Kovner, Knickman, & Jonas, 2016). Different healthcare professions have been developed to address the different aspects of healthcare, which include prevention, treatment, and support system (Burnham, 2015). One of the challenges, which are still relevant include the process of integrating technology in medical training and in healthcare facilities, which requires certain resources, which may be difficult to access (Burnham, 2015). Technology was simple in the start, which however changed and became more sophisticated. This required health care facilities to look for advanced allied health professionals to enable the facilities to continue providing efficient health care to patients (Burnham, 2015).
Some of the opportunities, which are still relevant, include the benefits that are associated with the integration of technology into the healthcare system. This has continued to improve the provision of health care services and patient outcomes (Kovner, Knickman, & Jonas, 2016). Technological advancement is affecting health care delivery today in improving the healthcare provision by providing effective ways to address health care issues (Burnham, 2015). The integration of technology in the healthcare system might affect future health care delivery by bringing positive changes in the healthcare, which will help in reforming the healthcare delivery system (Burnham, 2015). This is important in helping the healthcare sector in achieving its goals of health promotion and addressing any challenges, which might be associated with the traditional ways of performing certain procedures (Kovner, Knickman, & Jonas, 2016).
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