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Everyone has a certain object that hold significance in his or her life. It can be an old book, a jewelry, a heirloom that was passed down through generations, or a photograph. These objects are special not because of its monetary value, but because of its rich sentimental value. It represents the memory that is near and dear to one’s heart. The three objects that represent important things in my life are my coffee mug, my keychain, and my pencil pouch.
First, let’s talk about the coffee mug – a perfect representation of who I am. I bought my coffee mug on a mission trip to Brazil in my senior year of high school. During this trip, I had the opportunity to learn new languages, try new foods, and experience new culture. More importantly, I had learned many things about myself. I finally opened up about my relationship with God, and got to share the Gospel with the people of Brazil. Through the spiritual connection and the acts of kindness, I made friends that live 4 thousands miles away. This coffee mug is a representation of the life-changing experience, the lifetime friendship, and the best coffee that I had in Brazil.
The keychain was my first purchase at MSU. It represents the beginning of an exciting chapter in my life, college. Being a student at MSU has taught me many life lessons that I will never forget such as how to pull an all nighter before a test, or the easiest way to get free food. I learned how to balance life between school, jobs, family, friends, personal time, and school activities. College gave me a small glimpse into the real world where I will have to be a responsible adult. College forced me to get out of my comfort zone, and tossed me into a world filled with all different kinds of people. They weren’t familiar, but I grew to appreciate these amazing experiences and friendships that I made along the way. This keychain is an important part of my life because it reflects on my years spent at MSU and all the memories that I made here.
The pencil pouch was my thirteenth birthday present from my sister. It reminds me of my supporting family. Although living far away from family is hard, but I know that my family will always be there for me no matter where I go. They are the pillar for me to lean on from the moment I was born. They taught me many things about life, guided me in the right direction, and prepared me for the family of my own. I was fortunate enough to be able to grow up in a loving and supporting family, and I will forever be grateful for that. This pencil pouch might not be the most expensive thing, but it holds the most valuable memories in my life.
Memories are valuable to all of us because these events and moments shaped who we are today. These special objects like the coffee mug, the keychain and the pencil pouch always remind me of the good times and the people that I love dearly. Precious memories and stories that associated with these objects helped me through the toughest time of my life. I will always treasure these memories as I continue to make memorable stories throughout time.


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