Every when you ride a bike.” Because children’s

Every parent tries different methods to raise their children.

Some parents set rules on their children and some parents don’t. There are some reasons for families to set rules on their children. Firstly, parents teach kids how to socialize and rules of good manners. For example, parents want their children to say “please” after making a request and saying “excuse me” before interrupting. Secondly, they want to protect their children.

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For instance, they say “Hold my hand when we cross the street.” Parent’s aim is their children’s security. Also, they help keep kids safety.

They usually say “Wear a helmet when you ride a bike.” Because children’s lives are crucial for their parents. Thirdly, parents want their children to have a specific daily routine. To illustrate, they say “You have to go to bed early every night.

” In this way children have a healthy and regular life style. Besides, they want their children to be healthy. For example, they say “You should wash your hands before eating.” In addition, I agree with parents since I think, If a family doesn’t have rules, there is no healthy communication within the family. Therefore, If I will be a parent, I will set rules on my children. On the other hand, I will use trial and error on my children because in my opinion, every child is different from each other.


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