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Every human characteristic is impaired by heavy metals; such as: the ability to learn, speak, and so on. Heavy metals are a threat for our environment because they spread toxic components. Also, they are priority pollutants. The problem of heavy metals in our environment is that its effect is silent, seen, and are dangerous for the health.
A heavy metal is any of a number of higher atomic weight elements, which has the properties of a metallic substance at room temperature. Also, has a high atomic weight with a specific gravity that exceeds the specific gravity of water by five or more times. Some of them can be solid or liquid; examples of heavy metals are: Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Chromium, Beryllium, Cobalt, and Nickel are heavy metals that are toxic in certain environments. Heavy metals are concern to environmental scientist because the high toxic and persistent nature of heavy metals in the environment has made heavy metals priority pollutants. Heavy metals change the alkalinity of the soil, obviously, depends a lot on concentration. They also pollute water and crops. In these if it is an excessive amount of lead can produce some alterations in the plants, also degrades the soil, which decreases its productivity, if the contamination is excessive, it can get to produce desertification. At the level of rivers and lakes, it also mainly affects fauna.
Heavy metals are found in the food we eat, the air we breathe, in buildings, clothes, machinery, tap water, toothpaste and among many other everyday situations. Some metals are necessary since they are minerals that our body needs. But most heavy metals are toxic and cause cancer, thyroid problems, learning disabilities, neurological problems, hormonal imbalances and many other health problems. I think that the most common and negative heavy metal is lead because we use it in our everyday life while we drive our cars due to the car burns gasoline and it turns it into lead. Young children are the most exposed people to it because they consume more food in proportion to their body weight and consequently receive higher doses of heavy metals that may be present in their food, it is mostly passed through milk.
The problem with heavy metals is still in process due to it is a very large problem and it cannot be solved in one day. However, there are some measurements that are helping to reduce the problem. Some measures have been used during a long period of time, but they need to be stronger. Government bodies can make better planning and take preventive measures to avoid further contamination of the environment as it is crucial source. Also, people should opt for more sustainable treatments, such as, remove copper from water waste and direct discharge for so not harm the environment neither the people.
Heavy metal poisoning is something that occurs every day and harms our environment. We need to start to realize what is the damage that we are making because it is like a boomerang, it comes back to us. The harm we do out loud, the environments return it to us stronger and silently. Heavy metals are something of double sharp because we need some of them, but they are also harmful.


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