Every for the Loss” by Bridget Keehan

Every day hundreds of people around the world are dying, but as many babies are born – that is the natural process of life.

We are put into this world knowing that nothing lasts forever, and that everything at any moment could be taken away from us. Death however is considered a huge taboo and a subject everyone wants to avoid. We all deal with grief differently and you can’t possibly tell what is going on in another person’s head. The short story “Sorry for the Loss” by Bridget Keehan expresses the different ways you can take on grief, the interesting feeling of empathy or lack thereof and how you never should judge a book by its cover.The short story starts in medias res, but the reader quickly learns, that the main character is Evie who is a woman working as a chaplain in a prison. She is sent to tell a prisoner named Victor about the passing of his grandmother.

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She story is written in a limited third person narrative, as it only has access to the main character’s thoughts and emotions – we only hear about other characters through her point of view.


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