Ever on. Each part has an important part

Ever since I was a little boy I’ve always liked kicking a ball around and as I got older it became to be a passion of mine. The first time that I stepped on to a big field was a year after I moved to Bellingham my dad had been on this team, but I couldn’t participate because I was old enough. As I was getting older my dad was teaching me the skills and teaching me the rules and tricks when playing soccer, I was improving each day that we practiced. Throughout elementary I just practiced with my dad and when I got to middle school I joined the team for the school and I really liked the feeling on being on the field. I was competitive. I wanted to get even better so this is when my idol came to play Cristiano Ronaldo I watched all his games and his highlights, I managed to learn some tricks from him and even now he’s still my idol. Every time that I see any type of ball I get this urge to juggle or kick the ball. The feeling that I get when my cleats encounter the ball is something that is unexplainable, it makes me feel warm and it turns me into game mode and the games are ready to begin. Every part of soccer to me is fascinating whether it be the nets, soccer balls, or what type of field we are playing on. Each part has an important part to it and soccer wouldn’t be soccer without them. When I’m on the field I get this sensation that makes me feel alive and free, like a bird soaring in the sky. All those minutes that turn into hours on the field to me are moments that I wont ever forget. All those scoring goals I’ve made, and those times where I run out of breath, or even getting soaked from the rain are times where I’ve learned the most. Some of the most important drills I’ve learned is that losing is not always bad but they are times that you have to turn into lessons and learn from them to become better. The biggest thing that soccer has taught me is to always have grit this doesn’t just apply to soccer but also life in general. To me soccer is not just a hobby but a lifestyle that I live and breathe. I’m so passionate about soccer because it has made me who I am today. Not only does soccer make me feel more secure, but it also relieves me. Anytime that I’m having a hard time, or a lot is on my mind soccer is my escape to those things. I like to think about it as a therapy session to help me get through my problems. For me soccer is my heart and soul and I can’t picture myself without it or leaving it as part of my past.


I'm Owen!

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