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et Taxi For Sure is a fictitious online taxi service provider company which uses smartphone application to provide on demand taxi service to its users. This company acts as a connectingrod between the passengers and willing taxi drivers to enable a strong and wide taxi network toenable prompt taxi services to its users. It is operating in almost all cities ofthe United States andproviding a huge cab network to facilitate best taxi experiences and ease in transportation. GetTaxi is making $40 million revenue annually and is not working on any traditional way ofproviding taxi services where the company owns all the taxies and hire drivers for services.Business Model:The business model is simple and effective in which the company employs some resourceslike a cab driver, passengers, taxi fares, and mobile application. In this business model, the taxidrivers own their taxi and when they provide their taxi service to the company, the companycharges 20% of the fare and in return provide a network of passengers needing taxi to their mobileso that they can facilitate their services to them. With that the company established a mobileapplication where the passengers need to register and ask for a taxi, the cab driver then informedabout the passenger and availed at that location by selecting the nearest cab driver at a locationand then assist the passenger to reach their destination. The passenger’s credit card is consideredas the sole payment method accepted by the company to make payment for taxi fares. The collectedfare is then divided between the company and taxi driver in which the sharing ratio is 80% and20% between the cab driver and company. Therefore this is a user friendly business model whichprovides fast and effective transpiration solution to passengers by availing cab on call.Service ProblemThe company is facing major issues in handling customer relationship inwhich thecustomers are facing problems in getting connected with company for making their complaintsand not getting a favorable response on their complaints as well. The company is dealing withhuge data network where managing all queries and complaints are big issues and hence thecompany is getting negative impact of this issue over its business model. Handing customer’sfeedback and their reviews need to be performed well in order to manage customer preferencesand to provide them valuable taxi services. With that the company also facing issues regardingcustomer data privacy which can be accessed by any company operator to perform their tasks.Therefore, these two are the most critical issues which need to be solved by the company to preventcompany image and reputation in the market.ResolutionThe company is facing problems with its Customer Relationship Management but not toits business operations therefore the company need a customer relationship managementapplication in order to make its customers satisfied and enable better connectivity to avail betterresponses and feedback from its customers.To meet this essential requirement of providing adequate customer relationship, thecompany has initiated a rating application where both passengers as well as the driver give theirfeedback and rating about their ride. This will provide detailed information about the customersexperience by calculating the rating points provided to driver and the driver performance isevaluated by reviewing its rating history and customer’s reviews on driving experiences. To implement this business strategy the company implemented hub and spoke strategy inwhich all the customer profiles are included in hub segment, which is timely analyzed for relevantinformation while the spoke segment refers to the social media, promotional offers, and journeymodes and other information which company provide to its users in order to push their users toavail their services by different strategic ways.This digital strategy will enable leveraging knowledge of customers’ preference andcustomize their travelling experiences. This will enable the company to use their customerinformation to optimize their sales and marketing aspects of business. The challenge is facilitatedby integrating both aspects of communication into coherent digital strategy.To facilitate this application into working the company established a team of ITprofessionals to ensure quality of both driver and passenger included in the business model of thecompany. The continuous monitoring of these ratings are performed to evaluate the creditabilityof the drivers and passengers. If the rating of any driver is low and if more than five complaints ismade against him than he is excluded from drivers list and will not join the group afterwards.This will enable a trust and confidence among the customers to have a safe and securetravelling experience. With that the safety of information provided on the website is also regulatedby this group which cannot be accessed by any other person of the company excluding the driverand the regulatory person who is monitoring their ride performance.Therefore The CRM team of the company is responsible for monitoring the customerreviews and feedback and at the same time regulates the identification of drivers to prevent anymisconduct to occur. The implementation of application with due involvement of the customerrelationship team will provide company a strong strategy to manage its customers’ relationshipand also to enable a safer mode of transportation to country with innovative and easy businessmodel


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