Essay Our purpose is to determine first, how

Essay 1: Contemporary approaches to the management of the hotel are focused on achieving long-term success even if there will be complex and many changes. The hotel as a part of a wider environment must adapt to change in order to be growing and developing, because in the tourism industry the management of the hotel have to react to changes in the environment in which it carries out its business and general activity. Our purpose is to determine first, how the hotel manager will make sure that the way he manages the hotel is appropriate to the way it competes for business.

Second, discuss how the hotel manager will implement any change in strategy. Third, describe how the hotel manager will develop his operation so that it drives the long-term strategy of the hotel. Especially for Penang Mutiara which is a luxurious hotel in South-East Asia region.First of all, the hotel manager is under no illusions about the importance of running an effective operation. He is aware that customers have every right to be demanding, so staff should be friendly, must have the knowledge in every single detail, and the most important thing is to be smart and have a smart reflex.

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For instance, recognize the customers that came to the hotel before and take them directly to their room that they chose last time. In this way, the employee is showing interest. Second, the manager should implement new strategies if needed to maintain good work. For example, manager should divide responsibilities, so every employee should know or let’s say recognize his task.

The ones that have a big experience and knowledge should be dealing directly with customer. But the most important thing is to train staff to multiple tasks; maybe one day there will be shortage, so everything will be under control. Third, manager should develop his operation for long-term profit, by applying consistency. By way of illustration, provide a fast room service for customers every time they stay at the hotel not only the first time to capture them.

Make sure they have got all their needs. As a result, customers will be satisfied and come back again. Of course the next time has to be the same.Overall, the manager of the hotel should be aware of every detail and has to find ways to improve guests experience for their continuous satisfaction and to increase the hotel profitability.?Essay 2:Since Penang hotel is facing a huge competition from other competitors, the manager has to rely on the five performance objectives to have consistency in such environment. In this essay, I will be talking about the impact that the five performance objectives have on the hotels’ external customers.

And then, how the relationship between these objectives has an internal benefit.On one hand, the impact on external customers comes to quality first, or doing things right which leads to profit by delivering high service quality. For example: offering clean rooms, and tasty unique food. Next, speed which refers to the fast service or respond to customers’ needs within the shortest attainable time with minimum delay.

For instance, when customers comes to check in don’t let them wait too long for the room to be ready or when they ask for housekeeper assistance immediately send someone to clean the room. Furthermore, dependability as do things on time for customers to receive their goods or services exactly when they are promised. In this case, if we promise the customer to serve his coffee every morning at 8am, we should keep our word. In addition, flexibility comes to be able to change what you do fast, and vary operation’s activities to cope with unexpected circumstances to meet customer requirements. For example, let the customer check out one or two hours later than the checkout policy of the hotel because he’s leaving straight to the airport; or at least give him another option if the rooms are fully booked like offer him a cup of coffee on the house. Finally, cost which comes to offer goods and services at an appropriately price.

On the other hand, internal benefit where staff can achieve satisfaction by providing error-free services to the external customers and by minimizing time and cost, the mistakes are reduced effectively and this enables staff to win mutual trust and increases operational reliability of internal customers in delivering services thus saving time. Staff will be highly motivated, and have a sense of belonging and security for being part of the organization. They will enjoy the benefit of empowerment to make speedy decisions in order to achieve efficiency so as to reduce seeking high authority approval which take ages. All these will lead to establish and maintain hotel’s image and reputation.Summing up, the five performance objectives impact the hotels’ external customers so that customers will be satisfied and not only come back again, but recommend Penang Mutiara hotel for everybody, but also these five performance objectives have internal benefits by allowing a good return to the organization, low operating expenses to achieve cost reduction which means more incentives.


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