Espiritu to offer the entire basic course

Espiritu SantoParochial School is an essential instruction foundation, skilled with a centerof employees and staff who are profoundly prepared, rich in encounter, faithfuland conferred in creating graduates who are scholastically able and investedwith alluring Christian esteems. Its educational modules are principallycomposed to meet the great demands of a highly competitive world. With this,ESPS makes a learning group where understudies are given the chance to build uptheir one of a kind insights. It is the main reason this research needs toguarantee that every one of its offices, old and new, is all safe and sound.EspirituSanto Parochial School or much known as ESPS was formally constructed and builtin 1947 by Rev.

Fr. William J. Duschak, SVD. He is the school director from1947-1951. He is also former Vicar Apostolic of Calapan, Oriental Mindoro. Notlong after, the school, at that point oversaw by the clerics of the Society ofthe Divine Word (SVD), was authoritatively perceived by the administration tooffer the entire basic course from Grade I to Grade VII courses in 1948 and theKindergarten course in 1962.

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After years ofserving of Rev. Fr. William J. Duschak SVD, he gives the authority to Fr.

Matias Buendgen, SVD who is in charge of the construction of main buildinglocated at the corner of Rizal Avenue and Tayuman. The said structure wasdescribed as “beautiful, Imposing edifice” and it is also considered as one ofthe best school building in Manila after its construction. Because of that alot of people are encourage to be part of the ESPS community where they involvetheir self or their sibling to be part of it. They choose ESPS as the primaryschool of their siblings.When Fr. MatiasBuendgen left for Germany, Fr.

Antonio Albrecht, SVD took over the ESPScommunity. He took all the responsibilities for over 15 years. Due to thepopulation of students enrolling at the ESPS back in that era.

He decided toexpand the building for new workplace facilities and classroom for the studentsin order for them to become more comfortable and fit. So be built an Annex l asa extension of the main building which can be found at Oroquieta street, cornerTayuman street and Annex II which can be found at Oroquieta street cornerBatangas street. The Annex IIbuilding still continues to expand. From a 2 story building it become 4-storybuilding by the year of 2012 with full renovation, from slabs, columns androws.

The Annex II building sets as the grade school department for the pastyears. It’s been a tradition that every first Friday mass, students from grade4 to grade 6 need to go to the main building just to attend the mass but whenFr. Nolan A.

Que has been the school director, he choose not to do it everymonth so he decided just to take the mass in their building and additional tothat, Fr. Nolan also put a roof deck gym and auditorium in order for them tomaximize the space available in the Annex II building.The schooladministration understands the physical and emotional needs of the students,which lead to providing everything that the students may need. This brought theconstruction of the gymnasium and the auditorium in the roof deck.

The gym andauditorium serves as a space for their academic purposes. This building is alsobuilt for multi-functional uses. It will help the students to achieve theirgoals in terms of academic and co-curricular matters.

Having the Annex II building,which includes the gym, also gives privilege and ease for the students unlikebefore. This lessens the hassle of the students and parents in terms of budgetin renting a different gymnasium. The students will no longer commute to go tothe rented place for physical activities. This also ensures the parents aboutthe safety of their kids.

  It will givethem the capability to use a functional gym easily. On the down side,adding an additional floor on an existing infrastructure can be very dangerousespecially if it not part of the plan or the foundation plan of the existingbuilding because it might not support the added floor. Before adding floor to anexisting building, it must consider all the aspects because without properconsiderations it may lead to devastating result. It might get easily damage ordestroyed by a natural phenomenon, such as earthquake that may take thousandsof life of a happy children aging from 4-12 filled with lots of hopes anddreams.

The researchers understand the intention of the school administrationto give ease for the students and the parents, but adding an additionalunplanned structure may lead to the opposite and negative effects for theschool and its students.


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