ESL 42 Name

ESL 42 Name : Najib Taimor
Scan the syllabus to find the answers to these questions. Bring the answers to class next week.
What is my email address?
[email protected] is the prerequisite for this course?
Students should’ve successfully completed ESL 32.
What is the maximum number of absences you can have this semester?
Four unexcused absences are allowed.
What percentage of your grade is your final exam?
The final exam percentage is 30%
What is an “S” grade?
“S” is Satisfactory, The student should pass with 75% or higher.
Why is May 29th an important date?
Is the last day that the students can drop the class with full refund.
Besides your books, what two things do you need for this class?
Folder to keep all necessary papers of the class and a notebook to take notes and write down new vocabulary words.
If a student misses a class, what should (s)he do?
The student is responsible for finding out about the classed that she or he missed from the classmates or instructor.
Can a student hand in an assignment late? Explain.

The student can’t hand the assignment late, unless the instructors approval. Submitting an assignment late that is approved by professor will receive a -10 point.
When is your first test?
June 13th
Write down 3 words that you didn’t know in the syllabus and their meanings.
Prerequisite = something that is required be forehand.
Paperback = Low price dictionary which is cheaper than hardcover.
Comprehending= To understand