EPQ specific HIV-1 proteins?” Problem/solutions encountered: One big

EPQ Diary
Week 1
Tasks I am planning to work on this week:
Try to turn my project into a question rather than a statement, this is because as a statement it is a very broad area for study whereas if I convert it into question I could answer the question rather than talking about a very broad subject and not covering anything in detail. My project title is “increased adhesion of lymphocytes to the extracellular matrix expressing specific HIV-1 proteins”.
How well I achieved my objectives:
When it came to amend my project title to a question I wasn’t sure on how to tackle this problem. When I came to this problem I asked the librarian and my EPQ teacher for help and using their advice I found a website of how to turn a statement into a question. When I changed my statement to a question it focused my area of study and this is exactly what I wanted. My new project title is “how increased adhesion of lymphocytes to the extracellular matrix expressing specific HIV-1 proteins?”
Problem/solutions encountered:
One big problem that I encountered was I didn’t know how to change a statement to a question, so I decided to seek advice from google first but when I searched how to convert a statement to a question. It came with many results and most of which were irrelevant to what I searched. Furthermore, the ones that were relevant I didn’t know if you could trust the websites. To solve this problem, I approached my librarian at college and asked her if she could help. She first showed me several different search engines that I could use she also told me about the Boolean operators that I could use to refine my searches on the internet. Using these new techniques, I eventually found a website with the relevant information that I needed. The website that I found I knew I could rely on as the webpage was very up to date. I also talked to my EPQ teacher to get some ideas.

Another problem that I had was once I changed my project title I found that it might not be enough to meet the requirement of doing 5000 words on it. I made a personal decision in adding a bit more to my project title. Finally, after doing some research I found out that there are factors that affect the adhesion of lymphocytes and I made the decision to talk about this in my EPQ. After all the amending the project title is now “how increased adhesion of lymphocytes to the extracellular matrix expressing specific HIV-1 proteins and how adhesion can be affected?”
Skills developed and evidence:Communication – I developed my communication skills as I had to talk to my EPQ teacher and the librarian to get help to solve my problem. When I spoke to these people I have to speak coherently and clearly to get my point across to them.
Research – I improved my research skills by talking to the librarian as she helped me by telling me numerous and a variety of search engines that I could use other than google to get my information. While she told me this I made notes on a piece of paper of how to refine my searching techniques using Boolean searches techniques.

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Decision making – I enhanced my decision-making skills as I had to make a responsible decision to add another aspect to talk about in my EPQ or don’t add it to my title. I eventually made the decision to add it onto my EPQ title; I came to this decision by doing a lot more research into the factors that affect leukocyte adhesion. I did this research to find how much I need to write about it to go into and I estimated that if I do add this to the title then I would have enough to evaluate and talk about.


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