Introduction bicycle came in mind. Our aim in

Introduction There are many types of bicycle in the world such as normal bicycle that people need to paddle for it to move, motorized bicycle that uses fuel as its prime power and electric bicycle that can only be sufficient for an hour. Because of weaknesses in the existence systems, the idea of a solar […]

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The combustion of fossil fuels has created a global anxiety for the environment and world economy. The level of carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere and global warming exceeding time to time due to the over use of fossil fuel (Abdel-Fattah and Abdel-Naby, 2012). The world countries have directed state policies toward the utilization […]

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This Many companies in order to build

This article (Economic Globalisation, 2008) discusses the part of Globalisation which is more able to be seen, causes and effects of it, from an economic perspective. It maintains that Globalisation is clearer in manufacturing because many companies have too many subsidiaries in many countries. The article also talks about the economic impact and the gap […]

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For warmer periods. But in the last century,

For 2.5 million years the Earth’s climate has fluctuated cycling from ice ages to warmer periods. But in the last century, Earth’s temperature has risen unusually fast about 1.2 to 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Scientists believe it is because of human activity that is driving the temperatures up a process known as global warming. Ever since […]

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Every is done. In 2008, the polar

Every species, like every person, is unique, with its own history and destiny and when species are lost, ecosystems start to lose functionality and become more prone to collapse. Humans have unintentionally affected the lives of Polar Bears through pollution and global warming as well and as a result of this their natural habitat continues […]

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“There’s need to think about our future,

“There’s one issue that will define the contours of this society more dramatically than any other, and that is, the urgent threat of a changing climate.” -Barack Obama- Imagine, that you are going into beautiful garden, flowers of contrasting colors, full of greenery, a place of happiness. Yet suddenly, the plants, they all die, the […]

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Keywords for all organic material that stems from

Keywords : Bio mass, Bioenergy , Bio fuels 1. Background Most societies today are experiencing a high level of dependence on fossil fuels which is increasingly problematic. Also, almost 10GT of carbon di oxide is released onto the atmosphere every year across the globe. In order to achieve the changes required to address the impact […]

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Vhia Gordon Kricke who is the ambassador of

Vhia Bianca D. De ocampo ABM 11, Mother Teresa of Calcutta             Endangered species is a species which has been categorized as very likely to become extinct. Gordon Kricke who is the ambassador of Germany has stated about the protection of the endangered species in his article. His opinion was agreeable because the detailed that […]

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LIFEBOAT poor nations. I disagree with Hardin’s argument

LIFEBOAT ETHICS In the article, ‘Lifeboat Ethics: The Case Against Helping the Poor’, the author: Garrett Hardin’s main argument is that rich nations should not help poor nations. I disagree with Hardin’s argument because he makes assumptions about nations such that poor nations will take from rich nations and will not pay back, populations of […]

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Hydrofracking the worst financial recessions in modern

Hydrofracking in the United States alone created 725,000 jobs from 2005 to 2012. Of course this time period encompassed one of the worst financial recessions in modern times. The number of jobs that were created actually helped to decrease the national unemployment rate by 0.5% when the rest of the nation was suffering with unemployment […]

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