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burn wounds or receiving cancer chemotherapy (Nasreen et al., 2012). It is a major nosocomial pathogen, particularly dangerous to cystic fibrosis patients (Jayaraman et al., 2010). This organism is resistant to many antibacterial drugs. Multidrug-resistant P. aeruginosa phenotype is defined as resistant to one antimicrobial agent in three or more anti-pseudomonal anti-microbial classes (carbapenems, fluoroquinolones, […]

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Assignment the host. 2 OR Parasitoids are

Assignment No: 02 Seminar Zoo-460 MSC-II Topic: Parasitoids Submitted by: Areej Arif, Amna Tanzeel, Ayesha Sohail, Asad Naseer, Aleena Ahsan Roll No: 17130814-001, 002, 003, 004, 005(Group#1) Submitted to: Dr. Mubashar Hussain Sb. Department of Zoology. Outline: Definition of Parasitoids Introduction of parasitoids Parasitoids Definition Parasitoid is an insect and especially a wasp that completes […]

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Worldwide efficient separation technique is not only

Worldwide oil spills and industrial oily wastewater introduce various toxic compounds to clean oil systems and thus threaten the global ecology. Compared to burning the oil, separating oily wastewater effectively should be a preferable solution to address such a global environmental issue. A highly efficient separation technique is not only advantageous for significantly decreasing environmental […]

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In , multiple outbreaks have been reported in

In june 2012 , a new corona virus was isolated from a male patient in Saudi Arabia who was suffering with severe respiratory illness & later died in a hospital in Jeddah. This virus was initially named as human coronavirus–EMC and later named as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) (Mohd H et al, 2016). MERS-CoV […]

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Have year 1995 in the royal city

Have fascination towards biodiverse life forms. Keen on fathoming the conjunction the ecosystem operates in. Agog about the varied eco-systems that cohabit in a habitat with diverse species – biotic, abiotic, aquatic et al. The Regional Museum of Natural History (RMNH) in Mysuru, a one-of-a-kind down south is a living threshold in realisation and observation […]

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Lab functions to occur (Alberts et al.,

Lab 7: Enzymatic Processes Prapti Patel 20723924 Partner: Priya Vyas TA’s: Xinyi Li and Lawrentina D’Souza Experiment performed on September 26, 2018 BIOL 130L section 019 Wednesday 2:30PM to 5:20PM, STC 4008 Due on November 14, 2018 Introduction Enzymes are biological catalysts that moderate reactions that are needed in order for normal cell functions to […]

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The tapirs, jaguars, howlers and bakers, nutria

The wild nature of the Gran Chaco has changed little since then – it is beautiful and terrible (especially for Europeans), it fully justifies the nickname “Green Hell” given to this vast region. The name of this natural zone is made up of the Spanish word “gran” (“big”) and “chaco” (in local Indian tribes – […]

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Lujo lassa virus in that both are contracted

Lujo virus is a RNA virus or a new member of the Arenaviridae family, it was the first hemorrhagic fever associated arenaviridae discovered three decades from The Old World. The lujo virus was found during a nosocomial transmission outbreak which was isolated in South Africa. The lujo virus is known to cause Viral hemorrhagic fever. […]

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