Save of their diet also relying on

Save the BeesBees are responsible for pollinating 70% of our crop produce throughout the World. Simply, if the bee goes extinct then our crops and produce will die-off due to the absence of pollination, and also certain animal species will also go extinct because of their diet also relying on the bee and it’s pollination […]

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Warming In denser areas, sunlight is limited,

Warming of the environment has a significant impact on precipitation. The amount of precipitation falling is not the only concern but seasonal differences and the form it presents in are factors that are also affecting water environments. This is a public health concern and global concern for all life that requires water (“Addressing Climate,” n.d.). […]

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Zika problems. The virus can be transmitted

Zika virus outbreak 2016A widespread epidemic of zika fever caused the zika virus spread to South and North America from Brazil. The several islands in the pacific and southern Asia are also affected. The World Health Organization (WHO) said the virus was likely to spread throughout most of the Americas by the end of the […]

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Although, human body is split. You would

Although, I use some plastic. I do not use a lot. I use glass to drink out of, I use stainless steel straws, and I use stainless steel water bottles. Because plastic is so destructive to the environment. Additionally, BPA and other oil-based chemical used to manufacture plastics have been shown to leach into food. […]

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A water. They became lakes. It’s almost like

A lake is a lava in the terrain, which lies under the groundwater mirror. When the last ice age was over, there were many landslides. As the ice melted, the soaps were filled with water. They became lakes. It’s almost like the hole bike path that gets filled with water when it’s raining. Have you […]

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Primates want to throw things and other

Primates is a group that consists of all the species that contains the species related to apes, monkeys and lemurs, with the category including humans. There are certain similarities amongst primates which is they have five fingers is characteristic is called Pentadactyly. For primates to be distinguished fingernails come to use. The number of teeth […]

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It the reliability of scientific data on climate

It has been discovered that the concentration and the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have been rised and the CO2 has become thicker. In Antarctica, snowfall cannot melt due to low temperatures. The accumulated snowfall will retain some bubbles in it. Scientists have drilled and sampled ice cores of different depths by which […]

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PULICAT approved and published officially in gazette

PULICAT LAKE BIRD SANCTUARY ANDHRA PRADESH 1 Devanshu N Brahmakshatriya – MUP Sem – III 01. Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF) Government of India Apex body at national level Wildlife (Protection) Act (WPA) Environment (Protection) Act (EPA) 02 Additional Director General of Forests (WL) directs to Chief Wildlife Wardens at state level […]

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When urgency that survival, or quality of

When I look at the definition of sustainability, it is all aboutmaintaining resources or ecological systems, it resonates with living and makesme feel a sense of urgency that survival, or quality of life, maybe an increasingissue. My own definition has become: living in a way thathumans can increasingly minimize their negative impacts on the Earth, thus […]

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2.1.1 to store more CO2, thus decreasing CO2

2. 1.1 Depleted oil and gas reservoirs – Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)Depleted oil or gas reservoirs can be used to store CO2. During the process, not only the injected CO2 remains stored permanently, but also residual oil and gases can be extracted by increasing the pressure and providing the driving forces. Technologies for injection of […]

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