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Enhancing customer loyalty in tourism services: the role of customer-company identification and customer participation (Customer loyalty)In this article we can see that travel agency customers are of considerable importance to their success. After negative research on the effect of customer orientation on service success, we can see that the effect of orientation plays a significant role in customer retention. Two possibilities can be distinguished: customer satisfaction and business customer identification.

In addition, this study highlights the role of client participation. Indeed, participation plays a role between two mediators and customer loyalty.In conclusion, customer orientation is essential to customer satisfaction, ensures company identification and ensures a customer retention process.

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Subsequently, we have seen that customer loyalty is ensured by two processes: customer satisfaction and business customer identification. Finally, customer participation is an alternative between customer loyalty and the two processes for managing customer relationships.This study shows that identifying the company and the customer can increase customer loyalty.AN INTEGRATED MODEL OF CUSTOMER LOYALTY IN THE MACEDONIAN MOBILE SERVICE MARKET (Customer loyalty)This article was written with the main purpose of testing and developing customer loyalty in a mobile services market in Macedonia.

The purpose of this study is to analyse the behaviour of this market in terms of customer loyalty. The analysis is based on service quality, customer satisfaction, switching costs and change barriers. To do this, there is a more detailed analysis of the different effects of customer loyalty. The results are generally positive. As a result, customer satisfaction serves as an adjustment between service quality and loyalty.

The quality of service has a direct and satisfying advantage for customer loyalty.In conclusion, Macedonian mobile operators need to focus on different loyalty strategies by trying to develop customer satisfaction that will have a positive effect on customer retention.Service Mix and Productivity: Evidence from Accounting Firms (service mix)The article tries to show us how, through different professional services, chartered accountants can use human resources effectively to make a profit.From the results of the study, we can see that what allows accounting firms to generate the maximum profit is management consulting services (MCS) in the case where the level of human resources is equal.It can be seen that SCAs continue to exist despite the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the restrictions imposed by the SAM Act.The strong growth of audits and certifications in internal control services before the law has given considerable importance to the employees of accounting firms holding the CPA designation. These people have become irreplaceable and the driving force behind the company.

Influences of customer preference development on the effectiveness of recommendation strategies (Customer preference)This article focuses on customer preferences. The article tells us that later studies on referral agents do not go any further than to identify during the process of understanding customers, customer preferences.But we can see that studies on consumers and particularly on their psychology showed that customer preferences are quite unstable and change over time.In addition, it is important and necessary to know how and why customer preferences develop. Because changing customer preferences affect the effectiveness of recommendations.This article allows us to see a diagram on the evolution of customer preferences as well as an analysis of their influence on recommendation strategies.Retail customers’ self-awareness: The deindividuation effects of others(Retail customer)This article shows us how others influence the buyer’s behaviour. Indeed, the fact of having several people present around the buyer can affect his behaviour at the level of retail purchases.

This is explained by an embarrassing rise in negative emotions and therefore an increasing self-awareness. But on the other hand, some people surrounded by other clients create a certain climate of anonymity and reduce self-awareness. This is called the theory of deindividualization.

This has been proven through several laboratory and field experiments. We can see that the results show that a full store creates a de-individualization effect. This increases emotional comfort.


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