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English Portfolio Assignment Deadline 25.11.2018Short Story (2pages)Film Review (2pages)A comparative essay (3pages)World Differences”Mom, why the other students were so mean to me? Did I do something wrong?” “No Yuriko, don’t hear from what they said about you. You didn’t do something wrong, come here. I’m so sorry.” Yuriko and her mom live on their lovely small house with its colorful windows and vintage furniture in Tokyo, Japan.

Every day she needs to face at least one bullying from someone in her school. Where the others have their parents to pick them up, Yuriko needs to go home on foot. Where the other have their branded smartphone, she can just imagine it until now. Yuriko knows that her world are different. When her friends are going out together on the weekend or after school, Yuriko have their routine to help her mom. Stay at home is just the choice for Yuriko, since she doesn’t have enough money to have this fun like others.

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She feels this big gap of differences between rich and poor people in her school.Sometimes, at night, Yuriko heard her mom crying, and she knows how hard life for her mother at the moment. As a single parent, for her mother is hard to raise a child alone to adapt the situation. The next morning, Yuriko wake up and prepare everything for her school. Her mother prepares for her breakfast, which are rice with egg rolls with fish, favorite Yuriko dish. “Morning Mom, ohh rice with egg rolls! Mom, I love it, thank you!” Yuriko wishes that she can ask her mother about last night, why she cried if it’s because of her. Yuriko wishes often that she will have better life than now and seeing her mom smile.

At that time first snow is coming in Japan, where the World maybe heard her wishes to help her mother. “I will go to school now Mom, have a good day at your work, ai shiteru Mom.” “I love you too Yuriko, see you later don’t forget to eat your lunch.” Yuriko walks every day to her school for 30 minutes because she didn’t want to spend her money on a bus ticket.

She would rather spend it on other things. It’s cold and snowy day, all trees covered with the white snow. Yuriko really likes snow, so she really has a good mood today to start her day.

As she arrived in her high-school, she saw Emily and her friends in front of her classroom. Emily is the girl who known with her richest dad and really likes bullying other students. Yuriko is always one of her targets. “Oh, the poorest Yuriko is here girls!” The other children are just laughing and see Yuriko in their pity eyes. All kind of bullying in this high-school already happened to Yuriko, from verbal bullying until physical like pranking, kicking, threatening.Yuriko is almost done with her high-school, she just needs to hang in there for few months until get out from the worst high-school nightmare. Beside from all bullying that she got in her school, Yuriko has always the best grade notes and ranking one in the class.

In her free time, she does handcraft from wood and also plays with the instrument like a violin. She got her violin from her grandma when she was 10 years old. Time passes faster than Yuriko though and today 10th December is the big day for her. She applied for full-scholarship to “Tokyo University of the Arts” last month without her mom knows.

She spends almost every day just preparing her documents and portfolio for her scholarship. After her school, she going back directly to home and open her postbox. “It’s here!” Yuriko got a letter from the University, her heart beat faster than normal. She opened it nervously with all minds in her brain. She read the letter quietly, and at that moment she feels a lot of butterflies in her stomach.

It’s written in the letter that “We are pleased to announce that Yuriko Morishita has been selected to receive a full-scholarship on behalf of the Tokyo University of the Arts.” “Mom I got it! I got it, mom! I am so happy.” Yuriko cried but cried with happiness and all blessed that she got today. “Got what honey? You never mentioned anything to me””Sorry, Mom I didn’t tell you that I applied for full-scholarship last month in Tokyo University of the Arts and I got the scholarship Mom. Now you don’t need to think about all the money for my university Mom, I have the scholarship.

“”Yuriko, I am really really proud of you. I really lucky to have a daughter like you. Congrats baby!” Like Yuriko always believe from a quote from Julissa Loaiza, which said:”Everything in life happens according to our will, to our time and our clock.

You are not falling behind, it’s just not your right time” 10th December, that’s her right time where everything will change Yuriko life. Now she will enjoy her passion in arts and leave her nightmares in the high-school.The Differences Food and Eating Habits between Indonesia vs. GermanyWhen we talk about culture, we will for sure talk about the food since both things are closely related to each other. The food itself can show from which culture is coming from.

Food and eating habit could be really different from one country to another, due to their demographical and sociological factors that influence the people in that country. Germany located in the continent of Europe, where Indonesia located in Southeast Asia. From that, we can take German culture has its own types of food in compare to Indonesia, which have different demographical and season there aren’t winter in Indonesia like in Germany. Indonesian is a rich culture concerning the types of food and the way of eating. Every sub-culture in Indonesia has their own types of common food as well as the way of eating include the menus and meals time.

Minangnese people tend to like spicy food while Javanese are famous for their sweet food (academia.edu). Indonesian Food is also influenced by a lot of countries, such as India, Middle East, and China.Germany has a long culinary history reflecting its rural roots and geography. Over the years, German food has evolved as a national cuisine through centuries of social and political change with variations from region to region. For instance, the area around Hamburg is known for fresh fish dishes while the South is known for all types of food made of pork.

(https://www.wildjunket.com).From now, I will make discussion of comparison between the two cultures by comparing them in the special sub-topics:1. Mealtimes Mealtimes in Indonesia and Germany have some differences, from time or kind of meals. Germans and Indonesians have the same amount of time meals, which consist of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Indonesia and German have also the same main meal time at lunch.

In Indonesian, most of the meals will consist of rice, since rice is the main dish in Indonesia. In Germany, there are lots of similarities and consistencies which make German food recognizable and tie all of the different region’s delicacies together. For example, seasonal eating is important to the Germans. (https://www.fluentin3months.

com/food-in-german/). I will explain now more the differences from the meals and time, from breakfast until dinner.BreakfastIndonesians have more often warm dishes rather than cold dishes like bread in Germany. In Indonesia, breakfast starts with warm tea or a cup of coffee. The most common breakfast served in Indonesia will be warm rice porridge (Bubur Ayam), which topped with shredded chicken, peanuts, shallots and crackers or Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng). There are also rice porridge with mung beans or red beans with coconut milk (Bubur Kacang Hijau, Kacang Merah), yellow rice which topped with egg rolls, tempeh with sambals (Nasi Kuning).

Indonesians start the day with heavy breakfast compare to Germany. Germans love to bake and really proud of their various kind of bread. In Germany, breakfast starts with bread (Brot) or bread rolls (Brötchen) with their various toppings.

It’s mostly butter, with sweet jams, honey, sliced of meat, and cheese. In the Region of Bavarian, the common breakfast is white sausage (Weisswurst). They served the sausages in pot warm water, typically with a pretzel and mustard. On top off that they will also have a pot of tea or coffee or a glass of juice (saft). For kids and young people among German, cereals or Müsli also common to serve in breakfast.LunchIndonesians eat their lunch are between 12 pm until 2 pm. Students will normally go to the canteen or bring their own food and for workers, they eat usually outside from the workplace.

They will go to the near restaurant or café or eat in food street vendor. In Indonesia, you will find a lot of street vendors with their various food. Indonesia has a lot of different food that can be served at lunch. One of the typical meals in Indonesia will be deep fried spiced chicken in coconut oil with rice and sambals (Nasi Ayam Goreng), yellow soup of chicken with rice (Soto Ayam), Indonesian meatball (Bakso).Lunch in Germany is between 12 and 2 p.m.

same as in Indonesia. Germans eat maybe a hot meal at lunch, but some of the families eat their hot meal in the evening. For some workers quick meal like an Imbiss (snack boot) is also popular; they have Currywurst, Bratwurst, French-fries. But the typical lunch might consist of sausage or meatballs with potato salad. Other common dishes are Schnitzel with vegetables, typical noodles in Germany (Spätzle), or dumplings (Knödel). DinnerIndonesians don’t have the differences regarding the meals at the dinner or at lunch. What the people eat at the lunch could also eat at the dinner. From breakfast until dinner, we have often just warm meals which normally with rice as the main dish.

At dinner time normally, the family will eat together in the dining room. There are still some dishes which typically eaten at night: Skewered and grilled meat chicken or lamb, served with peanut sauce (Sate Ayam, Sate Kambing), Lamb or Chicken Spicy Curry (Gulai Kambing), or just some snacks like a stuffed pancake or pan-fried bread could be sweet or savory (Martabak).Dinner in Germany is called Abendbrot which means evening bread. Germans are usually eaten kind of light meal in the evening.

Because German families have their main meal at lunch. And their typical dinner of Germans consists of whole grain bread, cheeses, sausages, and mustard and pickles. It is also accompanied by soup or salad. 2. Dining Etiquette for UtensilsEating with for a Fork and Spoon in Indonesia or Eating with One’s Hands in IndonesiaIndonesian people are usually eaten with a fork and spoon, they hold a spoon in their right hand and fork in their left hand. And same like in Germany both hands are kept above the table while eating. A knife isn’t usually served in the table. In Indonesia, most of the dishes are cut into bite size to make it easier to eat.

And people turn their fork and spoon over and lay them crossed in the plate. It signs the waitress that you are done or full and doesn’t lead to an urging to take more food. In Indonesia eating food with one’s hand is also particularly common in Java and Sumatra. Indonesians have some kind of minds that ‘food tastes better when we eat with our hands’. Food is eaten with the finger of the rights hand, they pinch the thumb and fingers together around the food and making into a ball and popped into the mouth with the fingers. A small bowl of water is often set on the table to clean his hand.Eating with for a Fork and Knife in Germany In contrast, Germans eat less with their fingers not like Indonesians.

Germans use a fork and knife in order to eat a sit-down meal. They use their finger normally when eating informally, like at Grill party. Both hands are kept above on the table while eating with a knife in the right hand and fork in the left hand. When you cross your knife and fork on your plate, it means you are merely pausing. Laying your knife and fork side by side means you are finished, and the waiter may come and take your plate away. (https://germanfoods.

org).ConclusionFrom the comparison above between Indonesia and Germany of their Food and Eating Habits, we can see how Indonesian culture differs from Germany. Every culture has their own main things too show, so I cannot say which culture is better than another. Since Indonesian culture shape also from what they eat, Indonesians is like more spicy food rather Germans, or rice is main dish in Indonesia but rice is side dish in Germany. Germany culture have their own where they really love their bread, eat often potatoes with the different kind of how they cook. Or where they prefer more to have cold dishes in breakfast not warm dishes like in Indonesia. Or they use the cook ingredients depends from the seasons.

Indonesian food is strong in flavors I could say tha German food.Indonesians eat three meals a day, which are interspersed with snack times.Snacking is a way of life in Indonesia.Not surprisingly, Indonesia has created a mix of flavors which exerts its own influence abroad. Satay has crept up the Malay Peninsula to become one of Bangkok’s favorite street foods. Indonesian food plays a major role in the melange of cuisines found in Singapore.

After years of colonial intimacy, the Dutch are avid fans and some of the best Indonesian restaurants abroad can be found in the Netherlands. And Germans are more ….. if we compare to their culture…..

Geographical and western culture factors influence a lot to Indonesian culture, a lot of young people eat now more to western dishes rather than traditional food. Or they want to explore more about western cultures ……Film Review (approx.2pages) – AnnihilationBased on Jeff VanderMeer’s best-selling Southern Reach Trilogy, Annihilation stars Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva Novotny and Oscar Isaac.

It was written and directed by Alex Garland (Ex Machina, 28 Days Later). Rating: R (for violence, bloody images, language and some sexuality) Genre: Action ; Adventure, Drama, Science-Fiction ; FantasyTenseness/Tensity in Annihilation, blow mind sci-fiAnnihilation is Alex Garland’s adaptation of the Jeff VanderMeer 2014 best-seller book which come on this year. Do you ever imagine a crocodile with shark teeth? Its blow my mind to see how broader Alex Garland to imagine this kind of sci-film. Annihilation leave you with a lot of questions in your mind but keeping everything in good flow, to make the viewer process and analyze it.As the movies begins, there are flaming ball hit a lighthouse. Flash forward, Lena (Natalie Portman) is being interrogated by a man in hazmat suit. The other people, I am assume ‘scientist’ watch also the interrogation through the glass and wear protective masks.

Lena is a college biology professor which also served before in army for seven years, her husband Kane (Oscar Isaac) is missing-presumed. Kane work as a soldier and after a year of his missing, Kane suddenly come to his house where he lives with Lena without no memory. He come with his dead-eyed man and his wife interrogating her with bunch of questions, he always reply with “I don’t know”. Then Kane starts spitting up blood in his water glass. Annihilation is one of the movies that really different from other sci-fi. It’s one of the best movie sci-fi with their kind of recent wave.


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