Employee engagement within the organization. How to

Employee engagement

In the past few years, employee engagement has received a lot of attention from managers. Kahn (1990:694) defines employee engagement as “The use of members of an organization’ Their role in the job; in engagement, people use and express their body, cognition and emotion in role performances”. Hayes (2002) defines employee engagement as “individual input, satisfaction, and enthusiasm for work” (p. 269). It is often considered to be the key to organizational success and competitiveness, Indeed, Schaufeli and Salanova(2007) believe that since modern organizations face many problems, employee engagement is “very necessary”(page 156). and Macey et al. (2009) believe that organizations can gain a competitive advantage through employee engagement, Many authors agree that engagement is a necessary factor in personal attitudes, behaviors and performance, as well as organizational performance, productivity, retention, and financial performance (Bates, 2004; Baumruk, 2004; Harter, Schmidt, & Hayes, 2002; Richman, 2006). We understand the importance of employee engagement to the organization, and the continuous deepening of employee engagement within the organization. How to improve employee engagement is a critical issue. As May, Gilson, and Harter (2004) point out, “For managers, because employee professionalism is at the heart of employee issues. It is very important and necessary to develop employee professionalism. ” (p.13).
Some models and theories are proposed in the literature to provide a framework for how to improve employee engagement. For example, IES Model of Engagement (2003) to fostering employee engagement through training, performance communication , health &safety. Robinson Model of Employee engagement (2014). A another ways to enhancing employee engagement is the Job Demands–Resources (JD-R) model, Research on the JD-R model has found that job demands are related to burnout and health (Bakker & Demerouti, 2007) citigroup as one of a biggest banking in the world, Citi employees have access to many tools, resources and support for healthy lifestyle choices. In recent years, an average of 85% of employees have completed the company’s health risk assessment.( Johns Hopkins University, 2015)
To sum up, employee engagement is of great significance to an organization. Successful employee engagement can mean lower employee turnover rate, higher employee satisfaction, and even may be an advantage in recruitment (Valerie Silverthorne 2018).

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