Employee Well-planned employee relations will promote a

Employee relationship is one of the crucial functions ofhuman resource management, as employees are the pillars of any organization. Itis in good of the company itself to maintain good employee relations as itimpact employee performance and have the ability to influence behaviors andwork outputs.HR department organize activities which will help to developgood relations between employees and company and among employees itself.Well-planned employee relations will promote a healthy and balanced relationbetween the employee and the employer. It is the key for the organization to besuccessful.

HR department strive to strengthen the employer-employeerelationship by taking measures to increase job satisfaction and resolving anyconflict at workplace.        i.           Performance management andappraisalsHR department is responsible for the annual review of anemployee’s overall contributions to the company in coordination with his/hermanager.

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Performance appraisal is done annually to review and evaluate anemployee’s task achievements, skills and career growth. Appraisal are used to provideemployees with overall review on their performance and to justify pay increasesand bonuses, also if the appraisal is negative it can be used for demotion oreven termination of the employee.Performance reviews are also an indicator employees andtheir managers for the areas where employee might need training so it can beused to create a plan for employee training and increased responsibilities, aswell as to identify shortcomings the employee could work to resolve.     ii.           Training and DevelopmentNeusol is a software solution provider which is a rapidlychanging sector, so employees must be trained to adopt to the changingtechnologies. Staff must be provided with tools for their success which, inmany cases, means giving new staff extensive induction training to help themmove to a new organizational culture.

 Human resourcedepartment provide opportunities for the employees to move forward in theircareers by continuous training and career development programs. Trainingprograms can be identified by the annual reviews as mentioned previously. Trainingcan come up as a requirement for an upcoming project.

Career development opportunities are for employees lookingfor promotional opportunities or employees who wish to achieve personal goalssuch as completing a university degree. Programs such as study assistance andtuition reimbursement programs are often within the scope of training anddevelopment in human resources.


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